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Couple Holds Wedding Ceremony On 'Animal Crossing' After COVID-19 Cancels Their Original Plans

With calls to social distance and self-isolate in an effort to try and stop any further spread of COVID-19, many anticipated events have been cancelled or postponed. Coachella and Stagecoach are postponed until at least October, and even the Olympics are postponed until next year.

Not only that, but weddings that have been planned for months, if not years, are also in jeopardy of being postponed, with many couples just outright cancelling the celebrations.

That's what happened to Redditor ashmush, or Sharmin, and her fiancé Nazmul.

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She wrote, "Im [sic] graduating from med school and not getting a graduation and our wedding was cancelled. I was feeling pretty down about missing out on my milestones."

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She and Nazmul chose to cancel their wedding like many other couples out there.

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However, they were able to exchange vows virtually with a few guests in social distance attendance.

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Thanks to the virtual interactive world that is 'Animal Crossing,' Nazmul built an island to throw a surprise wedding on.

Reddit | ashmush

According to Insider, Sharmin revealed that Nazmul had invited her over to his island to help him gather resources. Except, he had a major surprise waiting for her.

Nazmul had placed arrows on the ground for Sharmin to follow to the altar.

"He put some roses down on the floor for me to pick up and a dress to put on and everything. It was honestly all very, very sweet," she told Insider.

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"He was hosting all of our friends on his island too and they all kind of like stood on the sides of the aisle."

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What a sweet way to find the silver lining and celebrate such an big milestone despite the circumstances!

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