11+ Designers Who Are Masters Of Their Craft

I really envy people who are great at coming up with creative ideas and who execute their designs flawlessly. That, my friends, takes real talent.

The designers who can do this should really be celebrated. So, let's take a look at some of those ideas that prove the people who made them are total geniuses.

1. This Modern House

Wow, I've never seen a house designed quite like this before. Not only does it look cool, but it also has a central reinforced concrete core.

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2. This Brush For Washing Knives

Finally! There's something specifically designed to wash knives and forks. Now you can get to all the crevices with ease. I need this so badly.

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3. These Shadows

Reddit | any4

The chairs at the Tokyo College of Music are arranged in a way that when the light hits them, the shadows look like piano keys. How cool!

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4. This Bed

I dunno how I feel about the functionality of this bed having vertigo and all, but I gotta admit, I really like this concept. If you don't have any issues with heights, give it a try.

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5. This Tree Railing

Reddit | rexmons

If you're a nature lover, you'll get a kick out of this amazing railing that looks just like a tree's branches. Isn't this fantastic? It would make a statement for sure.

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6. This Veggie And Herb Garden

This is designed to blend in with your existing home atmosphere while you easily grow kale, spinach, herbs, tomatoes, and fruits 365 days a year. It looks like something straight from the future!

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7. This Table

How cool is this modern-looking table? I absolutely love this design. It's slick, portable, and fits in with the rest of the furniture. What a gem.

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8. This Wooden Hammock

Who says hammocks have to be made from materials like cloth or nylon? This one actually provides a lot more support for your back compared to a traditional design.

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9. This 3D-Printed Vase

Not only is this vase really elegant, but I love how the plants peek through the spaces. It would look stunning anywhere in the house.

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10. This Lid

Reddit | earthmoonsun

This silicone lid is designed in such a cool way that it looks like the little ship has steam coming out of it. Wow, so wicked.

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11. This Cat Tower

Wouldn't Fluffy love to hang out in this crib? This easy-to-mount design provides an elevated sanctuary for your cat to nap and hang out in. Meow!

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12. This Changeable Lampshade

OMG, this honeycomb lampshade can organically change the diffusion of light in such an amazing way. Don't you just love this design? So fun.

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13. This Airline Seat Concept

Finally, somebody is thinking of making airline travel a little bit better. I would totally dig these seats. They look comfy and useful.

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14. This Grid System

Reddit | N0wifiHERE

The Eixample district in Barcelona is a grid system where the streets follow a strict grid pattern crossed by wide avenues and square blocks. This looks so organized!

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15. This Modern Loft

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

Imagine living in a modern loft with a view like this? Wow, wouldn't that be something? I think we'll see more places like this soon.

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16. This Electric Motorcycle

I guess this is the future of electric motorcycles. This one, designed by Joseph Robinson, is a beauty and so much better for the environment. Nice!

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17. This Observation Deck

For someone like me who has a bit of vertigo, this concept may seem scary but it's also pretty cool, no? It provides a perfect view of the moon.

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18. This Outdoor Pavilion

How cool would it be to just hang out in this awesome, open-concept outdoor pavilion? What a unique idea. And it looks amazing in photos, too!

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19. This Squirrel Feeder

Reddit | spamjamss

Oh my goodness, isn't this the cutest thing you've ever seen? The squirrel is having his own little picnic. Ha, ha! This is absolutely precious.

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20. This Toothbrush

This bamboo and recycled polypropylene toothbrush is not only awesome for the environment, but it will actually last two years. Isn't that so amazing? I think so.

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21. This Folding Table

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

I'm always looking for things that are portable and easy to store, so the concept of this table looks so wicked to me. When you're all done, just fold it up.

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22. This ATM

Reddit | barneyrubble82

This ATM has been designed in such a way that you can’t read the cash machine screen if you’re not directly in front of it. I love this idea for stopping thieves.

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23. This French Fry Cone

Reddit | LaBobcat

Have you ever struggled with finding a place for your ketchup? This clever cone solves that problem easily. Now you can carry your fries and ketchup with one hand!

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I could totally spend countless hours looking at cool designs like these.


Maybe I was an architect or designer in my previous life. Ha, ha! Do you love them, too?

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