17+ People Who Have Some Explaining To Do

Paddy Clarke 26 Mar 2020

There are people out there in the world who get up to some downright strange and ridiculous stuff. The sort of stuff that begs for an explanation.

From people ruining the life of a neighborhood squirrel and making shockingly offensive cakes, to people trying to order 26 pancakes at once, here are 17+ people who have some explaining to do.

1. "The amazon package I ordered came with an empty used cough drop paper inside..."

Reddit | tahtackle

Just seal that right back up, and post it right the way back!

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2. Cooking 101

Twitter | karencheee

I never understood the need to know how to cook when I can just go out for nice food, and it really came back to bite me on the ass.

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3. The Truth About Salads

Twitter | itsashlyperez

Okay, I'll let this one fly; I mean, no one really likes eating a salad, regardless of the current worldwide situation.

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4. the Healthy Option

Twitter | Aflgirl126

I mean, the big question is, why were you trying this in the first place, just eat chips and be happy!

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5. "Chalk art done right."

Reddit | Fleetingambition

Christ, can you imagine if you wrote this when there wasn't a pandemic, you'd have people queuing up around the block!

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6. Stark Realisation

Twitter | cheeseKATE_

On the plus side, since the pubs have closed I have been saving quite a considerable amount of money... which is nice, I guess?

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7. Facepalm

Reddit | xXPhoenix_FireXx

I only wish that Corona actually tasted halfway decent, as you'd be able to pick up a lot of discount beer otherwise!

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8. Pay The Artists Folks!

Twitter | ZacharyJLuna

It's almost like most of the fun things that you enjoy in life are created by artists! Who knew?!

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9. "Pizza place in my town is known for being stoners, this was their sign today."

Reddit | ComplexToxin

Aside from the obvious fact that they've missed an apostrophe in there, it's good that they're trying to be accurate about what's going on!

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10. Be Careful With Your Edibles

Twitter | pazpaz

It's good to know that there is someone out there looking out for stoned people, the patron saint of stoners!

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11. "I had to cut down a tree in my yard and now I feel bad."

Reddit | wer190

It's not even like you can invite the poor fella in what with the social distancing currently being enforced. You're a monster.

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12. "HS teacher remote teaching. Our platform generates unique classroom codes for each course. For my course, I have to send 'Jizzin' to God' to all my students."

Reddit | double_reedditor

I wonder how many people will be applying to have this as their new license plate.

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13. The Idea Of The Century

Twitter | Kristen_Arnett

Why is this not already a thing? This needs to exist, and it needs to exist yesterday.

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14. Can You Give Us A Hand?

Twitter | bea_ker

There aren't words in existence that can accurately articulate just how much I hate airlines. I wish there were the words, but alas there are not.

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15. Yoga Is Hard

Twitter | nicolaang

Exercise your mind instead with some excellent binge-worthy television! Maybe even watch a documentary or two!

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16. Dammit Plants!

Twitter | holy_schnitt

How are you killing a plant? You just water them and feed them? They're impossibly easy pets! Unless you've got one of them bonsai trees, holy hell they die easily!

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17. Wait... What?

Reddit | azgrunt

I don't know what it would entail to "corn teen" yourself, but it sounds incredibly unpleasant.

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18. The Cracks Are Beginning To Show

Twitter | stephanieboland

You should know your partner inside and out before marrying them... and nothing prepares you for that quite like being quarantined together.

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19. "During these hard times it's important to grab a good deal."

Reddit | stirringash

I wonder how many people would just instinctively fall for this and buy one anyway? Too many you I imagine.

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20. Fun At The Zoo

Twitter | FindChaos

Those animals are going to have a lot of questions about their lives when this is all over!

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21. The Neighbors Aren't Coping Well

Reddit | GloopyGuy

At least they have the internet to distract them. Can you imagine doing this without it. Hellish to imagine.

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22. "Went into my attic looking for a water leak coming into my living room and it appears that I'm also in quarantine with whatever monstrosity left this behind."

Reddit | lvnwk

Reassuringly, they went on to further say that, "Its soft to the touch so I'm assuming it's still around."

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23. Put It Back Where You Found It

Twitter | ihatejoelkim

It is literally engraved with a curse. Have these boffins not seen The Mummy... or literally any horror movie?!

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24. "This guy who was drunk as f*ck tried to shazam in the silent disco."

Reddit | MithrandirElessar

I think that this is a pretty sound indicator that this fella needs to be cut off!

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25. "A hairstylist friend of mine is doing her boyfriend's hair each day they are quarantined!"


How many of the figures who rocked these hairstyles can you name? Let me know below... especially if you know the bottom middle one, that one took me ages.

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26. Oh Pickles...


He doesn't look very sorry for what he's done! In fact, he looks very pleased with himself actually!

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27. "My 'Kiss me I'm Irish' cookie didn't turn out as well as I would have liked."

Reddit | Jenny_thecat

You'd have some serious explaining to do if you gave these out at a party. However, it's pretty accurate for how most people are feeling at the moment I think.

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28. Hmmm...


Pubs are the real difference. Getting drunk in your home really isn't the same as getting drunk at a bar. I don't know why, but it isn't.

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29. Spurious Cat Noises

Twitter | cloudyyxp_

I love how needlessly specific this reference is. Did anyone really own a PSP anyway? DS was the way forward.

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30. I'm So Sorry

Twitter | TheCatWhisprer

I can imagine how many alterations are included in this order. I bet it's got coconut milk, extra dry, half a shot, extra hot, and something else needlessly obstreperous.

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