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15+ Times The World Straight Up Confused Us

Ryan Ford 26 Mar 2020

Just when you think you know it all and you've seen it all, the world will find a way to confuse you. It's not necessarily a bad thing, though. How interesting would life be if you didn't have any questions to ask or mysteries to solve?

1. That's a clean break.

Reddit | mind_repair_tech

Like, ridiculously clean. Was this glass originally in two parts? Did it break along a seam? Because that's a seriously unlikely break.

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2. Ice just hanging around in shelves at shoulder level is definitely a head-scratcher.

Reddit | AppleGamerFish

Most likely this area flooded, froze, and then the waters below ice level receded, leaving some remnants behind. Still a real puzzler when you encounter it, though.

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3. Out of nowhere.

Reddit | d3333p7

At least, that's where this crafty spider wants us to think it's coming from. What a web!

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4. This is same duck, left and right.

Reddit | Hayley_hayys

The weird thing is that it changed genders. On the left, the duck is female, and on the right, male. Who knew ducks could do that? I thought it was just a fish thing, and maybe some frogs.

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5. Wait, walruses can whistle?

And beautifully, too. If there wasn't a video of it, I'm not sure I would have believed it, either. Why would a walrus need to be able to whistle?

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6. Fly traps can grow flowers, too.


For example, this plant. Apparently, it's quite a rare thing for them to do, as this one has been around for a couple of years and never done this before.

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7. Just one surface.

Reddit | EinsteinafterPlanck

The clean line separating the parts of the floor that have been sanded and the parts that haven't really does mess with your eyes, doesn't it?

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8. What are the odds?

Reddit | PreviouslyMannara

With the roads in Italy largely barren of traffic, two police cars managed to get into a head-on collision. How does that even happen?

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9. A mouse/calculator combo?

Reddit | Tylenol_Dolla_Sign

Apparently, Canon produced at least one of them. I wonder if there are applications where this would actually be useful?

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10. When the weather can't make up its mind.

Reddit | ThinkPawsitive12

But weather is going to do what weather is going to do, right? Still, it shouldn't be possible to have a rainbow and a tornado at the same moment.

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11. Purple peppers?

Reddit | hhhenryhhh

Red, orange, yellow, and green are the colors I know. But purple? How do peppers even end up purple?

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12. Is that an Ewok?

Reddit | Baceballben

Yep, there's definitely an Ewok on the right side of the picture, peering out from behind a tree. I guess this puzzle's creator just wanted to slip something fun in?

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13. That's quite the tailpipe.

Reddit | PBR21

Not sure this accomplishes the goal of releasing exhaust any better than any other would, so...why?

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14. Okay, this is a great illusion.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

A park bench that looks like a picnic blanket being spread out, and that appears to defy gravity. Okay, I'm guessing there's some serious physics at work here, but other than that, I'm stumped as to how it's done.

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15. Freaky.


This helicopter's rotors are definitely spinning. It just looks like they aren't because they've synced up with the camera's frame rate.

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16. In regular light, you've got a red checked blanket. Under a green light, it's blank.

Reddit | Tutthole

The squares disappear under the green light because of how light wavelengths get reflected and picked up by our eyes.

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17. Wild.

Reddit | sunshineandhomicide

You can see right through a ghost shrimp, to the point that you can see the eggs in one that's pregnant. Seems like an odd evolutionary choice for the eggs to not be see-through as well.

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18. Great camouflage.

Reddit | unnaturalorder

Striped cuckoo chicks get some help avoiding predators as they mature, due to their incredible resemblance to pinecones.

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19. Getting more than you paid for.

Reddit | Tomayyto

Guess quality control missed this doozy, as someone brought home a cheese pretzel with a knife baked right into it.

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20. How did all these icicles form like this?

Reddit | Diamond_sword69

It's a lot easier to do if you flip the grate upside down after icicles have formed. Still a cool effect, though.

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