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15+ Fascinating Pics That Put Things Into Sobering Perspective

When we have some time to ourselves, we can end up exploring some heavy trains of thought. For a lot of us, these questions and theories we pose to ourselves strike the most at night when we're really just trying to sleep, but we can find ourselves day dreaming about them too.

But when we get used to our surroundings, we may find that what we see around us doesn't do much to stimulate these thoughts anymore. And in those times of boredom, we can feel like we either aren't seeing enough or we're seeing the same things in the same way.

And in either case, there should be at least something in the list we'll be going over today that reignites a little spark within ourselves.

1. Although it's often the case that humans with polydactyly can't get much use out of their extra digits, that doesn't necessarily hold true for the animal kingdom.

Reddit | Alauraize

For instance, this cat is using its extra toes to help it improve its balance and according to its owner, it's also able to grip objects pretty well.

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2. The shirt in the top picture cost $90, while the shirt in the bottom photo cost $20.

Reddit | ComicInterest

Although that's how the uploader chose to spell out the difference between them, it might be a little more illustrative to say that we're looking at the difference in threading between a dress shirt and a T-shirt.

After all, the shirts are made more for different purposes and levels of comfort than with different prices in mind.

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3. If you're able to track down a bottle of the long-discontinued soda Orbitz, it probably looks something like this.

Reddit | myclueis

The liquid in them was clear back when they stopped making them back in 1998, but the floating bits of gum in there have clearly tinted it a bit in the 22 years since.

Honestly, it's kind of surprising that they stayed intact at all.

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4. One thing that's pretty cool about this milk carton is that it shows you how much milk is left as you use it.

Reddit | Redditmorningwood

And an interesting side effect is that it can give you a frame of reference for when people measure things using the metric system.

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5. If you ever wondered how a pinball machine knows when you've been tilting it, the answer apparently has to do with this little cone.

Reddit | shinerq1032

Depending on the age of the pinball machine, this sensor might be a little smaller, but it nonetheless moves along with the table.

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6. It's good to remember that even the movies we didn't like probably had a staggering number of people working on them.

Reddit | haddock420

For instance, whenever the filmmakers behind The Super Mario Bros. movie wanted to make their Yoshi animatronic do anything, they needed this entire crew to operate it.

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7. Until recently, you weren't likely to find the Golden Gate Bridge looking anywhere near this empty.

Reddit | Whitlow14

But of course, the more that each of us remain inside to protect each other from the further spread of coronavirus, the less that we need to use structures like this.

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8. Here we see Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield demonstrating what happens when people cry in space.

Reddit | Stephennooit

More accurately, he simulated the effect using water because as he said, "I can't cry on command."

Nonetheless, those who do shed tears in space will find that they don't stream down as they normally would, but rather gather into water balls around the eyes. The more someone cries, the bigger that ball gets.

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9. While this little bird is certainly easy to find adorable, it may also be a little difficult to recognize.

Reddit | Stephennooit

If the way it's standing in that second photo seems familiar, it will help to learn that this is actually what a baby flamingo looks like.

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10. We may have some idea of what plant roots can look like, but some of them stand out a lot more than others.

Reddit | KernelKlinke

Naturally, some are larger than others depending on the size of the plant, but the roots of the Swiss chard here come in a bright and unusual pink.

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11. We've all seen the moon, but it's not often that we have the opportunity to see so many of its finer details.

Reddit | ajamesmccarthy

Fortunately, that's exactly what the uploader was able to capture in his 8K photo of one of the supermoons that cut through the clouds last year.

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12. As large and expansive as the Great Wall of China is, it had to end somewhere.

Reddit | Benjip2005

And as we can see, it's pretty hard to keep building it when you run out of land to build it on.

And sure, it would appear that enemy forces could swim around it, but it was likely designed at least partially to funnel them into this area.

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13. We usually associate the blobfish with its droopy, unsightly appearance on the right, but that isn't what it naturally looks like.

Reddit | ZoeiraMaster

This comparison between its appearance under the sea and after it's been hauled out of it does more to show how much damage is done to it in the process of fishing it than anything innate about the fish itself.

We probably wouldn't look so great if someone yanked us into an alien environment either.

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14. These eggs probably don't come from the animal you would expect them to.

Reddit | GenimD

They're unusual in both size and consistency from regular snail eggs, but there's also not very much that we could consider "regular" about the West African giant snail that produced these.

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15. It makes sense that we'd see more animals walk the streets now that so many people are taking self-isolation measures seriously, but it can still be surprising as to which animals end up saying hello.

Reddit | SuperMommyCat

Most of us can expect to see raccoons and deer frolicking about, but this area apparently has a lot more turkeys wandering about than one might expect.

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16. We know that icicles will build up anywhere they can hang from, but the list of surfaces that fit that bill can be more expansive than we realize.

Reddit | Diamond_sword69

For instance, here we have a storm drain that a worker flipped up only to discover an impressive cluster of icicles had been growing underneath it.

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17. It doesn't happen very often, but it turns out that Venus fly traps can actually sprout flowers from time to time.


The uplaoder said that they've had this plant for over two years, but that this recent instance marked the first time they had ever seen it do this.

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18. We may not see it often in our maple syrup, but it's always a fascinating possibility.

Reddit | Velleity-

As for what "it" is? Apparently, this is a sugar crystal that formed at the bottom of the uploader's bottle.

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19. It's hard to tell from this photo alone, but this paper towel has just absorbed a pretty unpleasant mess.

Reddit | czcc

Specifically, it removed some tobacco film that had built up on the TV screen we see in the background.

Yes, this is what will eventually coat someone's surroundings the more they smoke indoors.

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20. Within six hours of receiving an iron infusion, this person's skin went from a pallid paleness to a healthier hue.

Reddit | mangobedient

According to a doctor who commented on this picture, however, the difference in appearance has more to do with the fluids the iron was mixed with than the iron itself.

That tends to work a little slower.

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