16+ Cool Finds That Made People Internet Famous

Dan 26 Mar 2020

Internet fame: it's what we all want, whether you're a humble Facebooker who just wants your friends to think you're cooler, or you're an Instagram influencer with millions of followers.

You might not be internet-famous and I'm definitely not, but these people are.

1. Rare variant.

Reddit | huniibunnii

Turn over a decaying log in the woods and you'll probably see a few pillbugs scurrying out, but have you ever seen one as fancy as this purple pillbug?

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2. Winter in Canada.

Reddit | WillOfTheLand

No, that isn't a white door. It's 6+ feet of snow. I guess this person's going to have to hunker down for at least a little while.

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3. It's 1987 all over again.

Reddit | matt_gold

Workers finally started peeling away three decades of old billboards on the side of the building. Underneath it all was a Spaceballs ad from 1987, still legible after all these years.

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4. And his name is John Cena.

Reddit | PlatypusOverlord

This veteran was shopping for vital supplies as he prepared to self-isolate at home. At the grocery store, he ran into notorious good guy John Cena, who lived up to his reputation by paying for the vet's groceries.

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5. Do I know you from somewhere?

Reddit | jolteona

Sure, you've probably seen millions of seagulls over the years, but have you ever seen a seagull that looks exactly like Danny DeVito?

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6. Promise: kept.

Reddit | DJ117Xx

This guy says that five years ago, he promised his sister he'd bring a llama to her wedding. The reasons for this promise aren't important. The main thing is that he kept his promise.

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7. Mixed messages.

Reddit | TheNillaGorilla

This Target has those trademark red bollards outside, but these are a little different. That's because the store used to be a bowling alley. You can see how it's retained the aesthetic.

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8. Milestone.

Reddit | iKojan

You're looking at Dr. Katie Bouman. We can thank her for creating a computer algorithm that allowed us to see a black hole for the first time. This is her reaction on seeing her hard work pay off.

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9. What is this, a crossover episode?

Reddit | RealZogger

Hellman's makes mayo, Heinz makes ketchup. This is how things are, and how they should remain. But this cafe has thrown caution to the wind by stocking Hellman's ketchup and Heinz mayo.

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10. Parkour!

Reddit | Rick1771

The person who snapped this photo couldn't find their cat, so they looked out their window. The good news? They found their cat. The bad news? Kitty's in a bit of a predicament.

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11. Waste not, want not.

Reddit | caed744

This person ripped apart their old phone case, because reasons, and found that it was made out of a bunch of old cardboard from a Macau beer case.

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12. No photo ops today.

Reddit | Imaclonerug

The COVID-19 self-isolation situation gave these workers a rare opportunity to paint the famous crosswalk on Abbey Road. Soon enough, it'll be the site of non-stop photo ops again.

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13. On point.

Reddit | up-white-gold

This college had a door decorating contest. I'm guessing this entry, based on Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, won in a landslide.

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14. A E S T H E T I C.

Reddit | AtonedFor

There are lots of ways to sort your bookshelf. This one might not be the most practical, but sorting it by colors is undeniably pleasing to the eye.

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15. Donate it to me?

Reddit | konronbonbon

Movie theaters are left with all sorts of half-finished popcorn bags at the end of a film. Rather than throwing it out, this theater donates it to farm animals.

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16. Still works.

Reddit | kaganey

This humble mortar and pestle has been grinding grains for centuries. It dates back to pre-Columbian Latin America, making it hundreds of years old. It still works fine, apparently.

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17. Duality.

Reddit | shafferrr12

While these cats have arranged themselves in a cool formation, it would be nice to see them mix more. There's no need to self-segregate if you're a cat.

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18. Picture perfect.

Reddit | AnGabhaDubh

This lines up too perfectly to be an accident. The rock overhang could just be a coincidence, but even the hills in the background line up. The person who designed the label must have been sitting in this exact spot.

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19. Well-protected.

Reddit | 33arig

Birds are industrious creatures, and this robin is no exception. It's built a fairly conventional nest in an unconventional spot — an old motocross helmet in someone's shed.

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20. Dated.

Reddit | OGcrayzjoka

Someone found this old Zippo lighter while fishing. It contains a reference to Y2K, which we thought was the gravest threat facing humanity during simpler times.

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