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Chris Hemsworth Is Offering Free Online Workout Classes For Everyone Stuck At Home

Taylor Sakellis 27 Mar 2020

It's no secret that actor and ~stud muffin~ Chris Hemsworth spends a large amount of time working out. It's kind of a requirement when your job literally demands you to have chiseled abs 90% of the time.

Anyway, if you've ever dreamed of having that Hemsworth physique (or just admiring it from not-so-afar), now is the time!

In case you didn't know, Chris Hemsworth is very, VERY in shape.


Which makes sense as he is a star in the Avengers universe as the hunky hero, Thor.

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His social media wouldn't let you forget it ANYWAY!


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Well, it's fair to say Mr. Hemsworth is now a hero in his own right for announcing FREE WORKOUT VIDEOS FOR THE PPL!

'Cause hey, Chris works out, did you know?

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Now, when everyone first went into quarantine, Chris was offering SIX WEEKS of free classes through Centrfit.

"Centrfit was founded to make health and happiness accessible to all, and I hope that this will make that access even easier during the current global health crisis," he explained.

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Unfortunately, that trial has since expired, HOWEVER, fear not. We have some great news for you!

You can still sign up for a seven day FREE Trial to see if working out with Chris is as amazing as you dreamed it would be.

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Naturally, the reaction online has been GLORIOUS.


It's such an awesome gesture!

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Of course, you could also just ~watch~ the videos of Chris if you're feeling a little lazy!


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I'm about to go start my free trial RIGHT NOW.

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To find out more about the 7-day free trial, click here, and get ready to get sweaty!

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