9+ Thrifted Clothing Transformations That Went From Drab To Fab

Brittany Rae 1 Apr 2020

Thrift flipping is an art. Clever DIYers can take things from trash to treasure with their sewing skills — and without spending much at all.

What's better than being thrifty these days? Nothing, it's nothing.

1. This flip has badass vibes.

Reddit | love_wear

Um, hello super on-trend dress. That wide trim is gone, and some cute straps were added. And that shape? That is absolutely stunning. Add some cute accessories, and this dress evokes the best of the '90s.

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2. Corduroy never looked so good.

Reddit | peace-leaf

I'm just gonna let one of the comments under this perfectly describe this transformation:

"The before dress had a vibe of 'I cant wait to start my family of 15 children!' and after it has such a sweet summer casual student vibe."

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3. This skirt was begging to be cut in half.

Reddit | milkteawithpearlspls

I know what you're thinking — what's up with the bottom edge? Nothing! That's the bottom part of Reddit user milkteawithpearlspls' amazing tattoo. Also, can we talk about the lines of that top? They're so crisp!

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4. This dress used to be something surprising.

Reddit | sgtstingrayclothing

It was a frickin' couch cover! Can you believe that? This seriously looks like something you would find at Forever 21, not the textiles area of Target. We have no choice but to stan.

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5. This wedding dress went from drab to fab.

Reddit | FakeBeccaJean

The saying may be cliché, but would any other describe the absolute glow up this dress had? Gone are the awkward ruffles and boring skirt. This bride is nothing short of a magician.

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6. Who needs pants, anyway?

Reddit | bellabean

Not Reddit user bellabean, who thrifted that pair of pants and realized they didn't fit quite right. She put her sewing skills to use and turned them into a cute little skirt!

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7. Crazy cat lady? Not anymore.

Reddit | okayrichay

Find me a better print than galaxy cats, I'll wait. This cute two-piece was done by Reddit user okayrichay, who did an amazing job updating the skirt into something more modern and fun!

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8. Oh this?

Reddit | sheryldoh

It used to be a bed sheet, no big deal. Look at how creative Reddit user sheryldoh got with those scallops! This is a daring transformation, but one that totally worked.

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9. From sweater to tank top.

Reddit | bellabean

Hey-o! This is a true day to night transformation. Reddit user bellabean spotted this sweater at the thrift store and thought, "I wanna wear that in warmer weather." I love the little pocket detail, too! So unexpected and unique.

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10. This dress has a CRUCIAL addition.

Reddit | alidaisy

It's nice, right? From a more demure dress to something fun for summer, this dress's additions are small, but impactful.

The most important part, though? It has pockets now. POCKETS! Women everywhere are cheering, I know it.

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11. This is just... so good.

Reddit | smallgallon

Ugh, how great is this transformation? The style, the fit, those crisp lines? This is a big ol' chef's kiss of a flip. Reddit user smallgallon even changed her hair color for the occasion!

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12. These bags used to be shirts!

Reddit | notryanna

I love when people make unexpected items out of thrifted clothing. Reddit user notryanna spotted two shirts at the thrift store and decided they needed to be bags. That corduroy one? That's art.

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13. It's all in the fit.

Reddit | sarcastic_ginger

This thrifted wedding dress didn't have to go far to become the perfect dress for sarcastic_ginger. Removing the sleeves and redoing the top part was paramount. After that, it was all in the bodice fit!

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14. This dress got a cute belt.

Reddit | soccermomdawn

Hi, patterns! This was user soccermomdawn's very first thrift flip, and it turned out beautifully! She said:

"I cinched the waist of the dress, shortened the length, cut the original hem into a belt, and rolled up the sleeves more."

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15. '80s chic realness.

Reddit | berchbich

Reddit user berchbich wrote:

"Sewed my first thrift flip! First reddit post ever and first finished project too. Loved the potential in this 80s dress I found at the thrift shop and I learned so much while changing it to something more me. Lots of mistakes and lots of seam ripping but I’m so proud of my first project!"

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16. This summer dress is to die for.

Reddit | u/jarpadspn

Okay, cute summer dress! Look at that neckline and the straps — that is some next-level tailoring. User jarpadspn found the original dress for $5 and upgraded it to something Macy's would be jealous of.

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17. Brides who make their own gowns are on a whole other level.

Reddit | Hann-B-Nann

"From thrift store find to dream day gown. I added a skirt from a dress i found at the mall to a thrift store find that looked like it needed some love," user Hann-B-Nann said.

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18. The fit on this suit is a chef's kiss.

Reddit | love_wear

Um, hello? This is a yellow fantasy. User love_wear pulled off a miracle with her incredible thrift flip. I don't know how she does it, and I am in total awe.

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19. This looks like a whole new dress.

Reddit | justseekingjustice

The awkward flaps are gone, along with that bulky neckline! justseekingjustice did an amazing job of modernizing a piece that had potential, but was a little out of time.

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20. This looks like something out of Schitt's Creek.

Reddit | peace-leaf

Reddit user peace-leaf perfectly described this thrift flip: "Upcycled thrift store dress worn by Ebenezer Scrooge himself."

That is way funnier than anything I could ever think of. Eat your heart out, Scrooge.

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21. Bring on the yellow!

Reddit | linsage

Reddit user linsage described her process in transforming this cute yellow dress:

"Got this bag of a dress for $10 at a vintage shop. Took it in and lowered the neckline. Cuffed the sleeves. Went to the trimming store and got orange neck trim, daisy buttons, and daisy trim for $10. Total cost $20!!"

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22. This pyjama transformation blew my mind.

Reddit | smallgallon

Before: comfy, thrifted pyjamas that obviously aren't suitable for leaving the house. After: a dress that is absolutely begging to be be showed off.

This transformation was done by Reddit user smallgallon, who wanted an outfit for Valentine's Day. Nailed it.

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