Boyfriends Are Sharing The Awful Haircuts Their Girlfriends Gave Them In Isolation

Dan 28 Mar 2020

It might be a minor quibble in the big picture, but this whole self-isolation thing is really wreaking havoc on people's hair. The easiest solution is to get anyone who's isolated with you to give you a trim.

Unfortunately, the results just aren't there.

Remember professional haircuts?


Ahh, I remember going to the barber and getting a solid haircut, and maybe a beard trim as well. It seems like so long ago now.

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Some self-haircuts work out well.

Twitter | @Jacinda2Fab

Whether it's professional know-how or dumb luck, it is possible to cut your own hair and have it work out.

As we see above, @Jacinda2Fab on Twitter is proving just how fab she is with this look.

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A lot of guys are holding out.

Twitter | @marvjavier3

I bit the bullet and just buzzed my whole head yesterday. There's no way I would have been able to style my hair into something acceptable, and it's not like I'll need to show my newly bald head in public anytime soon.

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Pretty much.

Twitter | @OOCStevenD

I knew I would look bald AF after attacking my skull with a set of clippers, but I did hold out hope that it would look cool.

It does not.

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Self haircut or girlfriend haircut?

Twitter | @rob_sherwood

Pick your poison. I cut my own hair because I didn't want to put pressure on my wife to give me a decent haircut.

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Some of the results are... not good.

Twitter | @DanielRundle

Daniel Rundle let his girlfriend have a go. I get that she's not a professional barber, but couldn't she have made things just a tad more symmetrical?

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Photo for reference.

Twitter | @chirojake

@chirojake on Twitter posted an amusing thread of his attempt to get a decent haircut. His girlfriend took a crack at it, but things just didn't work out right.

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It's a serious bummer.

Twitter | @chirojake

After dabbling with getting an unprofessional haircut, Jake admitted defeat and gave himself a close cut. That's all you can really do: set your clippers to the desired length, and try not to gouge yourself.

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Cool new look.

Twitter | @arroncraig14

This guy tried to replicate his previous haircut, which, judging from this pic, must have been modelled after a 14th century monk.

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Turn that frown upside down.

Twitter | @redmond_ger

I understand the trepidation of entrusting your wife with haircutting duties, but this guy looks far too worried considering his hair looks just fine (for now, at least).

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Mistakes were definitely made.

Reddit | NotedHeathen

This fella decided to give his girlfriend, "who has never even trimmed her own ends", the chance to give him his new quarantine style.

And what did she come up with? Well, as he explained, they've dubbed this look the "Cambodian Garbage Hitler."

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Some celebrities even joined in on the... fun(?)

Blake Shelton recently revealed the Joe Exotic (AKA "Tiger King") look that Gwen Stefani so lovingly gave him while they're under quarantine.

Not a terrible look, to be honest. Definitely "in" right now, considering all the hype that docu-series is getting.

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Some workplaces have barbers on staff.

Twitter | @ChicagoCAPS20

I mean, a military barber isn't going to give you anything other than a military fade, but at least this is probably better than the girlfriend option.

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Maybe cut your own?

Twitter | @B1Gsad

Seriously, unless you have long hair that you're just touching up, there's no possible way to give yourself a decent-looking haircut. Look at this poor guy.

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This guy messed up and had to recover the look somehow.

Reddit | bymyhandsorwithfire

What was originaly supposed to be a mohawk somehow turned into this Avatar look when he got a little too wild with the razor.

At least he fully committed to his new style?

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Some people are using this as their chance to live their most creative hair-life possible.

Reddit | king_tuckkk

Like this guy, who quipped that he's always loved a good "landing strip" so he decided to give himself one.

I'm definitely getting some Mayor Augustus May Who vibes. Hopefully that was the intention?

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Speaking of Jim Carrey movies...

Instagram | @bopoulsennyc

This guy decided that for his 50th birthday, he was going to give himself a hairstyle that he quite appropriately dubbed "the corona".

Hopefully he keeps "the most annoying sound in the world" to a minimum, though.

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What can you do?

Twitter | @KKyless_

Considering the fact that self-isolation means we won't have to go to any fancy events or be part of a big crowd anytime soon, we may as well have fun with our hair.

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Maybe barbershops will open again soon.

Twitter | @geoffrossington

I mean, I don't know if I want this creepy umbrella cut to be the new normal, but it will be nice to have hair options again.

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We'll get through this.


Hairstyles are the least of our worries right now, but they're still a lighthearted distraction.

Tell us about your pandemic hairstyle plans, and share pics, in the comments below!

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