10+ Brilliant Inventions We Didn't Even Know Existed

Every day we stumble upon new inventions that are helping us get through our lives a little more easily. It can be amazing to think about how many clever designers and problem-solvers there are out there. Sometimes, it's hard to keep track of all the new things they are creating.

Here are a few cool inventions we didn't even know existed that are definitely worth checking out.

1. This Bunker

Reddit | sirbosslordking

At first glance, you would think this was just a normal house. It's actually a bunker with pool and an underground garden that features simulated natural light.

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2. This Apartment Building

Reddit | InStAgRaMnOrMiEs

This Habitat 67 apartment complex in Montreal, Canada has been built to highlight the new lifestyle in increasingly crowded cities around the world. It's definitely eye-catching.

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3. This Bathroom Stall Map

Reddit | Hadouken617

This bathroom in Taipei has a real-time display map to show you exactly which stalls are occupied and which ones are free.

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4. This Ventilator

Reddit | Daeebro

MIT posted their free plans online to show people how to make an emergency ventilator that can actually be built for about $100. Wow, this is impressive.

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5. This Crab Bridge

Reddit | unnaturalorder

If you can believe it, there is an actual crab bridge on Christmas Island that crabs can use to cross roads without being squished. Oh, that's so smart!

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6. This Hidden Cabin

Reddit | JuhubaGainz

I bet you, too, are wishing you could sneak away to this cabin that's totally hidden away from visitors. You'd have to go to Switzerland, though.

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7. This Hotel Mirror

Reddit | mynamesafad

Wouldn't it be so cool if your hotel's mirror could tell you what the weather was like outside before you step foot outdoors? This one does.

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8. This Mobile Home

Reddit | morenaqose

It's a 15-foot long tiny house with wings! The wings are actually two swinging bump-outs that can be opened when the tiny house is parked. Nice concept!

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9. This Knife Set

This is such a cool concept for a knife set. Not only is it a space saver but it looks pretty damn awesome, too. Don't you think?

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10. This Prefab House

Reddit | TX908

Imagine living in this house that rotates 360-degrees in both directions? That way you can always have a sunny side and activate the solar panels.

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11. These Public Toilets

Reddit | im-Scary-Terry-bi*ch

If you have a toddler you know how tricky it is to get them to use a full-size adult toilet. This definitely helps a lot.

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12. This Projector

Reddit | rosstechnic

Talk about a space saver, this projector is designed in a way that it just comes down from the ceiling tile. How clever is that?

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13. This Soap Dispenser

Reddit | YoureSmallingMeKills

If you love your traditional bar of soap instead of the liquid kind, this handy dispenser will grate the soap and dispense it for you. That is super smart!

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14. This Gate

Reddit | TheRazor1100

I think every gate should be designed like this one and have the numbers integrated right into the gate's design. Can you tell this says 118?

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15. This Microwave

Reddit | PaperRibbons

Why go out and buy two different appliances when you can have this microwave with a built-in toaster option? Wow, I've never seen that before.

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16. This Wine Bottle Packaging

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

We all know that most packaging goes to waste but not this wine bottle box. This one doubles as a bird feeder. How amazing is that?

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17. This Business Card

Reddit | adorubi

How clever is it that this divorce lawyer has a business card that splits in half so he can give it to both parties? That is a genius idea right there.

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18. This Milk Carton

Reddit | D3rF3lx

This milk carton is designed in a way so that you can see how much is actually left inside. And it has the measurements right on the box!

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19. This Watch

This smartwatch actually comes with a detachable headset so you can use it just like a normal phone. That's the way of the future, I guess.

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20. This Airport Bar

Reddit | thewangatang

Here's one way to make your bar guests stay longer and drink more. This Portland airport bar has a chilled tabletop for drinks. Good or bad idea?

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21. This Braille Globe

Reddit | PhoenixFlamebird

This globe was made especially for blind people. It features braille names and raised landmasses so blind people can read it easily. That's so fantastic.

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22. This Inflatable Garage

Reddit | tinkrman

If you can't afford a house with a garage, no worries. Just get this inflatable garage to protect your car from inclement weather. Ha, ha! That's awesome!

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It seems that, these days, there are infinite ideas out there that people can actually put to good use.

Giphy | Portlandia

These inventions are not only cool to look at but are useful, too.

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