9+ Satisfying Pics To Soothe The Soul

Are you one of those people who finds satisfaction in looking at seemingly odd things? If you are, you'll absolutely love the examples below. They are truly a feast for the eyes.

I can't seem to stop looking at them. If you needed an eyegasm today I think these pictures will definitely deliver and then some. Ha, ha! Go ahead and see for yourself. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

1. This Pipe Arrangement

Reddit | Daeebro

I dunno what it is about these pipes but I find looking at them so calming and relaxing. It must be the symmetry or something?

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2. These Candy Canes

At first glance, I thought these were paper clips, only to realize these were cleverly arranged candy canes. And now I want to eat them. Ha, ha!

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3. This Wood Stack

Reddit | Greger69420

Isn't it amazing that just looking at some wood stacked on a truck like this can ease all your anxiety? Does that soothe you, too?

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4. This Bird's Colors

Reddit | u/opheliawnik

Ladies and gentlemen, this is nature at its finest. Aren't the shades of blue on this Mountain Bluebird absolutely mesmerizing? I really can't get over it.

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5. This Purple Daze

Reddit | Professorfish0

OMG, this is like a purple dream or something. How amazing is it that the fallen petals of the wisteria flowers became a beautiful purple carpet like this?

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6. This Cereal Remake

Would you believe it if I told you that this Vincent Van Gogh self-portrait was recreated using cereal? Yes, it was made out of Fruity Pebbles and Froot Loops. Yum!

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7. These Ice Eggs

Reddit | d3333p7

This rather rare phenomenon of "ice eggs" occurs when ice is rolled over by wind and water. Apparently it happens in northern Finland. Wow!

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8. This Fruit And Veggie Display

If you're into all things green I bet you'll especially appreciate this green display of various fruits and veggies. I've never seen produce look so mesmerizing.

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9. This Shattered Phone Screen Protector

Reddit | Quibblicous

Sometimes, amazing things happen when you least expect it. I bet this person didn't expect to get this when their phone's screen protector shattered.

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10. This Cable Spool

Reddit | WolfRaiser

Oh, it would be heartbreaking to unspool this cable. Okay, heartbreaking might be saying too much but you know what I mean. LOL! Right?

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11. This S'mores Stack

Speaking of stacks, how about this one? Yes, those are actually s'mores. I want to eat them all, but I don't want to touch them and ruin this arrangement. Ha, ha!

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12. This Pepper Arrangement

Reddit | sappytreelover

Maybe this supermarket's employee had a little too much time on their hands this morning, but nonetheless, we thank them for it.

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13. These Clothespins

I literally never see clothespins as pretty as these. Now I want to run out and get me some so I can arrange them like this.

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14. This Cake

Reddit | fndnvolusrgofksb

I can't get over this amazing cake. Somebody had enough talent to make this cake look just like Saturn. It's almost too beautiful to eat — almost.

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15. This Mirror Image

Reddit | Mashine123

There is something about witnessing a mirror image like this that is just way too satisfying. I could stare at this all day.

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16. This Coffee Table

Reddit | WinglessAngel01

The symmetrical design of this table and the color scheme are making me feel so good. I wish I had this at my house.

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17. These Apples

Oh my goodness, do you also feel giddy looking at this? I want to eat them but first I want to just stare at them. Ha, ha!

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18. These Nature's Treasures

I still love to collect rocks and seashells. If I found something like this collection, I would probably do a happy dance. Would you?

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19. This City Map

Reddit | bot_10

This map of a neighborhood in Mexico City looks just like a spider web. I can't believe it actually aligns like this. This is absolutely amazing.

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20. These Chocolate Bars

Just when I thought I couldn't possibly love chocolate any more than I already do, I see this. I want to create my own stack like this at home!

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21. This Lawn

Reddit | tjkoko86

If you ever thought that mowing the lawn couldn’t be beautiful, I challenge that thought with this photo. Just look at this mind-blowing display of greenery here. I'm stunned.

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22. These Gummy Bears

Instagram | @witenry

I thought there wasn't anything that could make me love gummy bears more but I was wrong. This is so pretty. Yum!

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23. This Pebble

Reddit | retroly

Imagine coming across a perfectly round pebble that looks like this? That is a one-in-a-million find for sure!

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During this time, we can all take simple pleasures in ordinary things.

Giphy | Living Stills

And when they look this good, all is great in the world again. Don't you think?

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