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Expecting Moms In New York Won't Be 'Forced To Be Alone' When They Give Birth

Lex Gabrielle 31 Mar 2020

Information about the coronavirus pandemic is rapidly changing and Diply is committed to providing the most recent data as it becomes available. Some of the information in this story may have changed since publication, and we encourage readers to use online resources from CDC and WHO to stay up to date on the latest information surrounding COVID-19.

In the world today, the coronavirus pandemic that is taking over has been pushing the government and businesses to implement strict changes. These restrictions are in place to flatten the curve and halt the spread of the virus.

One of these moves came from multiple hospitals across New York City, where the coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate.

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NewYork-Presbyterian hospitals, a network of 13 hospitals, reported that they would not be allowing expecting mothers to have any guests in the delivery room with them at all.

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While they reported the reason to be "protecting" both the mothers and their newborns, many were unhappy.

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The idea of having to deliver their child alone, without their partner, scared and frightened mothers all across the city.

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Many began to protest by sending around petitions to hope and change the decision.

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Petitions on Change.org reached over 600,000 signatures, as expecting mothers were in panic mode. Delivery is scary enough, but delivering alone is almost unimaginable to many.

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After many news outlets reported the news, the World Health Organization stepped in.

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WHO stated that banning birth partners is against their position on childbirth during the coronavirus pandemic. Additionally, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stepped in and supported the WHO's position.

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Governor Cuomo's office announced on Saturday an executive order that would ensure women would not deliver alone.

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"... [W]omen will not be forced to be alone when they are giving birth," said the Secretary to the Governor, Melissa DeRosa.

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The order followed updated guidelines from the New York Department of Health.


The guidelines state :

"For labor and delivery, the Department considers one support person essential to patient care throughout labor, delivery, and the immediate postpartum period."

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The updated guidelines specifically state who can be in the delivery room.

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"This person can be the patient's spouse, partner, sibling, doula, or another person they choose. In these settings, this person will be the only support person allowed to be present during the patient's care."

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Additionally, the order states expecting mothers should be made "fully aware" of the restrictions.

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"This restriction must be explained to the patient in plain terms, upon arrival or, ideally, prior to arriving at the hospital. Hospital staff should ensure that patients fully understand this restriction, allowing them to decide who they wish to identify as their support person."

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Expecting mothers who were worried are now at ease knowing they won't be alone.

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For many couples, starting a family is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and moment they want to share that with their partners.

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People are glad that the Governor and WHO stood on the side of moms.

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We can't imagine having to deliver alone, let alone during this trying time. Many praised Governor Cuomo for helping out families during this scary time.

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