9+ Funny Pics From Parents Stuck In Isolation With Their Kids

If you're stuck at home with your kids during this pandemic you know what pain feels like. Schools are closed and no more daycare means parents are now forced to teach and entertain their kids by themselves — all while working from home.

So it's no wonder some parents are coming up with creative ideas before they go insane — although for some it's too late.

1. This Olympic Feat Idea

As long as other parents don't get the same idea on your floor this is A-OK in my book. At least they're exercising. Ha, ha!

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2. When You've Had Enough

Well, you at least tried, right? At this point what happens in your house stays in your house. Keep telling yourself that. Ha, ha!

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3. This Payment System

Facebook | Stephanie Craig

This smart lady came up with a system for her kids to earn Monopoly money by doing chores which they then can redeem for treats. Nice!

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4. When They Get Bored

Reddit | jammeighpr

This is what happens when you walk into your bathroom and realize that the kids are really bored. At least you've got toilet paper.

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5. This Truthful Note

Facebook | Candice Hunter Kennedy

Things are really starting to go bad when this is your kid's journal entry on day one of your quarantine homeschooling. I feel for this mom.

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6. When They Start Exploring

This is what happens when your kid is at home all day and now he's got time to explore the entire house. Ha, ha!

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7. This Driveway Message

Reddit | Angus-Mackenzie

You know things are getting pretty bad at your neighbor's house when you find this in their driveway on your lonely walk to the park.

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8. When You Gotta Resort To This

This might be the only way for parents to get their work done, talk on the phone or get a minute to themselves.

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9. This Typical Morning Occurrence

Wow, I'm pretty amazed that this trick actually worked for these clever parents. Maybe the kids are finally getting lethargic by now. Huh?

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10. Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures

Reddit | Bufger

OMG, I dunno if I should laugh or cry looking at this. Or maybe just laugh-cry lol. This looks effective to me, though.

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11. When You Do It Your Way

Don't get intimidated by what other parents are seemingly doing during their quarantine time. I bet they're just doing it for the 'gram.

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12. This Face Says It All

Reddit | jshev418

You know things are about to go downhill from here when even the cat has had enough and wants to run away. LOL!

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13. When This Happens

You know things are going to get rough when homeschooling turns your house into a rollerskating rink. Hey, kids need exercise too, you know.

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14. DIY Haircut, Anyone?

Reddit | KThingy

"My kiddo cut his hair yesterday, then agreed to let me have a little fun with it before we fixed it," one Reddit user said. This is quite the look!

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OMG, I feel really bad for those parents who are stuck at home with their kids trying to get work done while still keeping it together.


Hang in there y'all.

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