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Baker Makes Lysol And Toilet Paper Cakes For People Celebrating Their Birthdays In Quarantine

Many people are celebrating their birthdays alone this year due to social distancing initiatives and lockdowns. While those who've never liked celebrating are probably more than okay with spending their birthday alone, those who do enjoy a good celebration are having to get creative to still make the day special.

One baker is helping make this year's birthday memorable in its own right.

Pheonix-based at-home baker Elizabeth Armijo is making special birthday cakes for those celebrating while in social isolation.

She made this incredibly detailed Lysol wipe cake for Riverdale star Vanessa Morgan Kopech.

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The Lysol wipe cake is made with 5 beautiful layers of a Funfetti-inspired cake and vanilla icing.

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"[N]ever thought a Lysol cake would be my dream cake," Vanessa wrote in an Instagram post.

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As many of you know, there's been a shortage of sanitizing supplies and...toilet paper.


The sanitizer wipes make sense, but the toilet paper? It goes down in history as one of the world's biggest mysteries, alongside Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster.

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Toilet paper and sanitizer have essentially become symbols that represent this period in history, and Elizabeth is using them to make those celebrating their birthdays while in isolation smile.

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Are we sure she's not just serving toilet paper on a plate? It looks so real!

Hey, you gotta make the most out of the situation, and folks like Elizabeth sure are helping people still feel some sense of normalcy during these times.

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