Knot Bad Ami

Cute Crochet Turtle Succulent Planter Brings New Life To Your Home Decor

We're in week three of social distancing and self isolation, and I'm sure you have enough activities and projects to tide you over for another—if my calculations are correct— four days or so.

So, we're back with some more ideas for you to keep busy for at least another day!

Sure, you could crochet yourself a nice decorative basket to fit your plant into, but why do that when you can crochet a cute turtle planter instead?

Knot Bad Ami

This one by Knot Bad Ami is big enough to fit a tiny plant, like a succulent or air plant, and is just beyond adorable.

Its shell is stuffed with polyester fiber fill to keep its shape and give your plant some extra cushion.

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The turtle's shell keeps your plant nice and cozy.


It also turns your plant into the pet you always wanted but could never have!

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Don't be afraid to get creative with the design and colors, too.


Just have fun with it! Now's the time to let your creativity soar.

Find this pattern by Tammy Mehring on Ravelry.

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