11+ Knockoff Brands That Aren't Fooling Anyone

Some people really get attached to their favorite brand names. They literally won't buy anything else that may look or taste exactly the same unless it's made by their beloved brand.

But that doesn't stop other companies from trying to sway consumers away with their clever knockoff marketing schemes. Sometimes, it does work and other times it fails miserably. Check these out and you'll be the judge.

1. SubWich

Reddit | _AlbertCole

Honestly, this is probably a clever marketing ploy to get those late-night partiers that may stumble in while drunk. They won't be able to tell the difference. Ha, ha! So true.

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2. Mother Energy Drink

Reddit | hover-goat-3000

Marketing: Let's use a very hard to read font so people will actually think they're drinking Monster Energy Drink the whole time.

Boss: Great idea.

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3. LOHO Star Wars

Reddit | goldentoybonie

Who are they trying to fool here? This isn't an official Lego release of Star Wars. Nice try, though. Somebody might've been fooled.

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4. Guicci

Reddit | Nikey_

Oh, these guys are definitely guilty of something. How about a crappy design and trying to pull off a fake Gucci logo here. But, we aren't buying it one bit!

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5. Transmutes

Reddit | skcudog23

Oh, here's one company trying to sell you what looks like an official Transformer only they came up with their own name for it. Nice try.

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6. HotDognald's

Reddit | u/Usename_taken

Here's a poor ripoff of McDonald's. Only at this mobile stop, you don't get juicy burgers you just get stale hot dogs. Just guessing, ha, ha!

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7. L'Oreol

Reddit | astroenlightenment

I dunno about the content of Vitamin E in this terrible L'Oreal knockoff. I wouldn't trust it if I were you. But if you're brave, then try it.

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8. PolyStation

Reddit | Withered_Goldie

Why pay top dollar for that PlayStation when you can get its cheaper cousin? Would you take a chance on it?

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9. Marge Simpson

Reddit | KrovvyMalchik

If anyone thinks that this toy can actually pass for Marge Simpson they might have to get their eyes checked. This unfortunately isn't even close.

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10. Pide Man

Reddit | astroenlightenment

The funniest thing about this hoodie is that they didn't even try. They just gave up on the design altogether and called it a day.

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11. Jumbling Tower

Reddit | james-earl-cash

I guess these guys couldn't come up with a fun name like Jenga 'cause it was already taken. So, they went as literal as they possibly could with the name.

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12. Kookies Cereal

Reddit | jellybob07

I find it interesting how these knockoff brands can totally rip off the whole design including the actual mascot and just change the name. Unbelievable.

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13. Dr. Perky


I know you were looking for Dr. Pepper but, hey, Dr. Perky sounds even more interesting to me. I would be willing to give it a try.

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Oh wow, would you get fooled by any of these knockoff brands?


Or are they just too obvious and silly for you? I gotta give them props for trying. Ha, ha!

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