17+ Times People Took Creative Shortcuts

Paddy Clarke 1 Apr 2020

Look, people don't have time in their lives to see absolutely everything through. Whether it is a diet that you're really not enjoying, or if you just can't be bothered to take your car to the mechanic to fix that dent that has been there for weeks, there is always a creative alternative you can choose to life's more menial problems!

From people adding delightful caveats to terrible tattoos to those using decidedly less than sanitary bathroom appliances to hold their beer, here are 17+ times that people took creative shortcuts!

1. "I have an ugly tribal tattoo. But I think I fixed it."

Reddit | kvd

I wonder how many people there are on Earth who could do with this caveat being added to their terrible tattoos? Do you have a tattoo that you feel you should add this to?

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2. "Nailed it! Tattoo artist fixed his uncle's amputated finger."

Reddit | Bizrat7

Wow, that is a strong look. Also, I know that there is a lot going on here, but I can't stop wondering why the nail on this guy's middle finger is sideways?

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3. "Old roommate punched a hole in the door. New roommate fixed it."

Reddit | morbidhoagie

Looks like you really got a better deal with your new roommate! Apparently, the old roommate punched through the wall as she, "had some major anger issues." I'll say!

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4. "Landlord: 'Yeah, you can paint'."

Reddit | all-smiles-with-you

Every house is made better by the inclusion of a Spongebob reference!

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5. "Fixed our bathroom picture. Wife not amused."

Reddit | mrprikei

Never hold back your potent smells, own them! Own them and leave that door open like the strong, independent person you are!

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6. "My girlfriend creatively rearranged her parents wall quote after the dog destroyed her shoes."

Reddit | anonymouscamel

A fair bit of creativity was required here, as the "v" was made out of two "i" letters, and the extra "s" was made out of two "o" letters. Very nice work, the dog looks thrilled!

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7. "I made some shortcuts in my fiancé's phone. Now she won't have to type these phrases out."

Reddit | blockergriffin

I can't tell you the number of times that I have typed out"doodie ba skoodie" and wished that there was an easier way!

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8. "My partner refused to admit she was turning 30."

Reddit | cub3dworld

I like the way this person thinks! Age is just a number after all... I mean, it's not, but whatever you gotta tell yourself to make yourself feel okay!

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9. "Question: Did you get flood insurance for the server room? Answer: Yup."

Reddit | 4ltern4te_Stre4m

If you know someone who works in IT and want to give them an aneurysm, then just go right ahead and show them this picture.

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10. "That should fix it."

Reddit | hullobirdy

Nothing like a good bit of DIY to make yourself feel like a successful human! This looks like the sort of thing that my grandad would do, he is a man who truly believes in "the quick fix".

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11. "I took grad photos with my boyfriend of the time, and after learning about our breakup, my aunt 'fixed' my photos."

Reddit | paatiencew

She did a bang-up job! I liked to fix pictures I have with my exes by imposing pictures of Lana Del Rey into them. It did not make me feel any better.

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12. "Ma'am, our lack of power outlets wasn't a hint that you should get creative..."

Reddit | not4u2see

This is actually a subway rep doing a store check. However, I think that the one main thing that she should report is that this store needs more damn power outlets!

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13. "Most creative use for a plunger I've seen yet."

Reddit | CaptainCheeseBurger

I hope beyond all hopes that this is a fresh plunger that this person bought for this specific person.

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14. "Sometimes moving forces you to get creative."

Reddit | jwolfer

The fact that this person never even trimmed the ends of those cable ties is truly distressing me! It takes no time at all to finish this job!

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15. "The 'S' key on my keyboard broke & my 6 year old attempted to fix it."

Reddit | megglesmccart

Look, based upon how much lego hurts to stand on, I can't say I'd want that feeling in my fingers every time I wanted to press the "s" key!

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16. "A fellow Redditer made a beautiful drawing of my pup, needless to say she captured him in a more regal light."

Reddit | Lilrubberducky

The person who drew the picture should do another one where they make the dog look as derpy as possible!

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17. "I can't decide if this kid wins most creative or least creative sign."

Reddit | GPilla

Ah yes, sports! One person has either thrown the ball, or caught the ball, or ran faster, or juped higher, or hit a thing faster/harder than someone else/the other team! Horray!

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18. "A choice was made here."

Reddit | smalldickkenny

Sometimes the healthy choice just doesn't cut the mustard. I mean, if we're talking value for money alone, then it is cake every day.

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19. "Friend got shocked at a motel. Instead of suing, 'fixed' the problem."

Reddit | TravisThaxton2

Sure, it would be incredibly satisfying to take the law into your own hands here; however, I guarantee that the hotel billed this guy for the damages.

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20. "Cheapest way to fix your bump of your car."

Reddit | YouYongku

Unleash your inner nerd with this delightfully quaint quick fix! It's cheaper than going to a garage at least.

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