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Family's Missing Cat Goes Viral For Becoming Real-Life 'Hang In There' Meme

Amy Pilkington 1 Apr 2020

If you're anything like me (or the entirely of the Diply company Slack), the last week or so has been made up of four things: COVID-19, self-isolation memes, Netflix's Tiger King series, and Tiger King memes.

This story isn't unrelated, but at least it's different? I mean, it's a cat and it references a motivational meme apropos of the current situation, so I'm sorry? You're welcome?

Okay, hang in there, I'm getting to the story.


I regret nothing.

Anyhoodles, we all know the motivational meme of a cute kitty hanging from a branch with the words "hang in there" under it. There are roughly a zillion-billion versions of it out there on the internet.

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Normally, it's the sort of meme that you either roll your eyes at or hang on the office wall ironically.


But right now, it kind of feels hopeful. Maybe even motivational.

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Which is probably why a mildly humorous post on Reddit got so much love.

Reddit | Rick1771

"Today we couldn’t find our cat so we looked out the window and..." said the post by Rick1771.

His cat was literally hanging in there.

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After the post got a surprising amount of comments, upvotes, and awards, Rick1771 decided to properly introduce the kitty in question.

Reddit | Rick1771

Her name is Biter, which really is enough context for an entire insight into her personality.

Apparently, after the photo was snapped, she gracefully fell to the ground and was unhurt. Biter loves to climb, but clearly hasn't mastered knowing which branches are robust enough to hold her.

But I for one thank Biter for providing today's momentary break from anxiety and reminding me to hang in there.

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