11+ Fondant Cake Design Fails That Don't Look Good Enough To Eat

It takes real skill to decorate a cake to perfection. Some bakers love to use real cream while others rely on fondant. The latter can be so useful when it comes to creating all sorts of shapes and decorations.

But be careful what you wish for because sometimes cake decorating takes fondant to new levels, and as you can clearly see here, that's not always a good thing.

1. These Blackhead Treats

Reddit | then00bgm

I really don't understand why anyone would think making rice crispy treats that resemble skin with blackheads was in any way, shape, or form appetizing.

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2. This Human Arm

Reddit | thor-god-o-thunder

I can only guess this cake was made for a doctor or a nurse. Even still, so much fondant and a realistic human arm? Oh my!

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3. This Hairball Cake

Reddit | TagURI7

OMG, I wouldn't touch this cake with a ten-foot pole. Seriously, how sick are some people? This is starting to make me gag right about now.

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4. This Hand Sanitizer

Reddit | fatherfinger420

With this amount of fondant, I would bet that this cake pretty much tastes just like hand sanitizer. So mission accomplished here I think.

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5. This Monstrosity

Reddit | Mr_Bulldopps

I'm not really sure what look the decorator of this cake was going for, but if it was to scare everybody at the party, they win!

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6. This Baby Cake

Reddit | Sexyfoxtrot

Maybe this cake was some good practice for the baker to try out his fondant skills on, but for me, it's just a little too literal.

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7. This Brain Cake

Reddit | awestruck445

When I look at this, reluctantly mind you, all I can think of saying is, "why?" I can't stomach just looking at this. Excuse, me.

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8. This Frozen Cake

Reddit | nadiapolok

When your decorating skills are as good as this (insert sarcasm here) you probably would have been better off just using plastic figurines instead.

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9. This Turkey Cake


Clearly, whoever requested this yummy creation loves turkey so much they don't mind eating it as a cake, too. Great skills but, really? Not for me.

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10. This Bug Cake

Reddit | kohler-than-you

I will never understand what kind of person enjoys eating a cake that looks like a real life bug. If that's you, you're gross, man!

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11. This Baby Cake Attempt

Reddit | sunshine5403

Getting a baby cake for your baby shower is a really cute idea, right? But when the baby looks like this, just stay away.

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12. These Frog Cupcakes

Reddit | gomew6279

If you've attempted to make cute little cupcakes that are supposed to resemble frogs and made these instead, I feel bad for you. These look like exploding slugs.

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13. This Toilet Paper Cake

Reddit | evalinee

Oh, s##t is right! I honestly wouldn't believe this was a cake if I didn't find it on a Reddit thread about s**tty cakes. Disgusting.

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14. This Purse Cake

Reddit | awdatzya

As a purse, this looks absolutely adorable. As a cake, I have my doubts that it will actually taste good. There is A LOT of fondant going on here.

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These poor cake attempts make me realize that fondant is so over.


When you use it sparingly I can understand, but any more than that and you're pushing it.

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