13+ Times People Shouldn’t Have Done The Thing

Paddy Clarke 1 Apr 2020

Regrets, we all have them, don't we? Well, I don't, but that's because I live a perfect existence where nothing ever goes wrong or badly... oh, except for that time I called my teacher "Mom" when I was 9, I regret that to this day.

The internet loves to revel in people's hilarious regrets, and people love posting them to the internet ⏤ it really is the perfect relationship! So, to entertain and distract you from your own mistakes, here are 3+ times people shouldn't have done the thing!

1. "The April Fools Joke I left for my boyfriend."

Reddit | theearthgoddess

A lot of people were wondering if transponder keys are waterproofed or if this key is now ruined? Either way, it is a very annoying situation!

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2. "I'm sure we've all been there Dylan."

Reddit | O851D14N

This actually feels like it might be a turning point in this person's life. Imagine if the moment you decided to turn your life around is dropping a pork chop on a hotel bed. I guess you need to get your inspiration where you can.

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3. "Why you shouldn't fall asleep at the beach."


In this instance, you'd just have to go back to the beach and fall asleep again with sunscreen applied everywhere except on the pale parts.

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4. "This is why you shouldn't leave your kids alone with the dog."

Reddit | So_is_mine

That dog looks like they've just about had it with being laughed at for this. The only answer now is to just colour over the colourful bits with a black sharpie I guess?

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5. "Well, that sucks..."

Reddit | dirk993

I like how the person who has been screwed over here has at least managed to turn this into an opportunity for a beer. Silver linings, I guess?

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6. "When the bakers make the mix wrong and don't realize yeast doesn't just stop working because it’s in a dumpster."

Reddit | TELME3

This looks like it could be an alien from Doctor Who in one of the episodes where they have a super low budget! The Yeast Beast!

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7. "Somebody didn't strap the egg trolleys in properly on the truck. 10,500 eggs broken."

Reddit | yourmate24

If only this accident were to have happened in the same place as the previous yeast disaster, then they could have just made a giant dumpster cake! (Is that how you make a cake? I have genuinely no idea!)

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8. "I have made a terrible mistake."

Reddit | Iciclewind

I'm sure that they both turned out to be absolute delights, but right at this moment, there is certainly a whiff of uncertainty!

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9. "I shouldn't have fed that one duck yesterday."

Reddit | BrightenthatIdea

I know that it is probably annoying for you to have all of those ducks on your front step. However, I genuinely can't think of anything better!

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10. "I feel like there shouldn't have to be a sign for this."

Reddit | BrawHaHaw

I know that this really shouldn't be funny, but I can't stop thinking about a kid just screaming bloody murder while being swayed from side to side incredibly slowly on a mechanical bull while a dad films the whole thing, all while saying, "You're doing great son!"

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11. "Meanwhile, in Springfield, Ohio..."

Reddit | spunknugget

How fast would you be getting out from behind this person if you found yourself behind them? I wonder how many people honk at them just so they'll pull over and get out of the way.

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12. "I've made a huge mistake..."

Reddit | amnesiac854

"Sandra, this is officially worse than the vets!"

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13. "Why you shouldn't steal food at work."

Reddit | diarrhedditor

I can just never understand how people can get into the mindset of thinking that it is okay to eat someone else's food out of a fridge. What level of asshole do you have to be to think that that is okay?

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14. "Why you shouldn't park in front of a Fire Hydrant."

Reddit | AMohajer

If the choice is damaging an asshole's car or leaving a fire to rage, then it is an absolute no brainer! That's what you get for being so inconsiderate.

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15. "This Taiwanese teacher probably shouldn't have labeled each kid's plant with their pictures."

Reddit | h3nryfu

Yep, now that is one surefire way to creep the hell out of anyone who may happen to walk passed this apparent child-graveyard.

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16. No Way Out

Reddit | PmButtPics4ADrawing

Looks like there is no easy way me-out of that situation!

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17. "Can't argue with that..."

Reddit | davincivb6

No matter how drunk you get, it is never a good idea to dance on a strip pole in public. Unless you are actually trained in that art form, you will always look like a dolt, trust me... I have been there and will never live it down.

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18. "My friend's GF's dad sent them an xxxxl cutting board for their housewarming by mistake."

Reddit | gwackr

Sure, he did it by "mistake". I know what gag housewarming gift I am getting the next time one of my mates moves house!

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19. "Happened to a friend, she was almost finished."

Reddit | Kelmeno

I know that this must have been incredibly disheartening; however, I'd happily display that in my home on a pedestal, as it would make me laugh every damn time I looked at it!

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20. "Someone at my stepdad's work put dry ice in the toilet by mistake."

Reddit | Samaraiii

Now it looks like a toilet you'd find in a haunted house! Use this toilet if you must... but do so at your peril!

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21. "Wheelchair too close to MRI machine."

Reddit | Import

I wonder how long they spent laughing and taking photos of this before the person taking this picture realized there was muffled screaming coming from the person who was sat in the wheelchair at the time.

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22. Well Deserved!

Reddit | AlpineEsel

If you park like a douchebag, prepare to be treated like a douchebag! There's no way they're creeping out of this one.

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23. "From Disney, oh dear..."

Reddit | CharlieDarwin2

All you need now id Brad Pitt screaming "What's in the box?!" as you open it.

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24. "You thought the Prius couldn't get any worse..."

Reddit | Y4vs

Look, I honestly don't see anything wrong with owning a Prius; however, anyone who has this paint job on their car needs to seriously rethink some life decisions!

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25. "I've Made A Huge Mistake!"

Reddit | mike_pants

I imagine that all this cat can hear in its head at this point is the Mission Impossible music on constant repeat. Oh, Snuffles, you really have done it this time haven't you?

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26. "This is the reason why you shouldn't do drugs on a construction site according to Occupational Health and Safety in Australia."

Reddit | SloopyDoopyReddit

I want to meet the person who caused this to be a standard precaution, I reckon they'd be a hoot!

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27. Someone learned a valuable lesson in what we can definitely describe as "the hard way."

Reddit | keenedge422

Namely, that you really have to reconsider how much of a rush you're really in if a truck is spraying lines on the road in front of you.

As this person demonstrates, you can pass it, but it'll come at a price.

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28. This person's date apparently gave them creative control of the gingerbread house they were making together.

Reddit | noahisthefuture

I guess they never outright said that she regretted that decision, but I really wouldn't bet on this looking anything like what she hoped this person had in mind.

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29. As this person put it, "I really shouldn't be trusted with the label maker."

Reddit | I-hope-youre-happy

That said, the kind of person who would obey this blindly is also the kind of of person who would be totally cool with their GPS leading them through somebody's fence and into their back yard.

So Michael Scott, basically.

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30. This turned out to be pretty unfortunate, but at least it had some cute intentions behind it.

Reddit | trebleclefofficial

The uploader, who described themselves as "not an artist," considered this the best painting they've ever made. Their six-year-old cousin apparently agreed and wrote "V. good" on it before realizing what she had done and trying to erase it.


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31. Considering how many times we've heard this phrase, I never thought I'd literally see someone put all their eggs in one basket.

Reddit | JungleBoyJeremy

And yeah, it turns out that we really shouldn't do that. I don't know who thought of that phrase, but it's pretty clear why kept listening to them.

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32. Apparently, this person was driving while distracted and the results are about what you might expect.

Reddit | TitanJeager87

If anything, they actually got really lucky here because that behavior tends to end a lot worse than getting your truck stuck in a ditch.

Texting while driving is illegal for a reason, folks.

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33. Among soda drinkers, there are a couple of things that we always seem to learn the hard way.

Reddit | FluxerFPV

The first is that putting it in the freezer to cool it faster doesn't work as well as we might think and the second is that leaving it in a hot car is a recipe for disaster.

It's kind of funny how they're both bad ideas for the same reason, though: Things will get messy.

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34. All the uploader had to say about this party foul is, "Shouldn't have trusted my brother on this one."

Reddit | hosko787

And I have to admit that this isn't exactly a job I would've volunteered for either for about the same reason.

And if I was forced to anyway, you could catch me treating it like someone just asked me to defuse a bomb.

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35. Uh oh, it looks like somebody's busted.

Reddit | theEnd801

You know, I think I misjudged that kid who reminded the teacher when we had homework.

It turns out they could grow up to look out for us instead of just working against us all the time.

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36. Apparently, somebody decided it would be a good idea to put this money in the microwave for sanitary purposes.

Reddit | Jamaisfaux

As good as their intentions may have been, however, it turns out this wasn't such a great idea.

You'd think that by now, we'd realize that the microwave is a little picky about what we get to put in it.

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37. "Why dogs shouldn't play poker."

Reddit | soccer165

Now, call me crazy but I think that they might have just given the hand away. Unless it is a spectacular bluff?!

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38. "Adding a full set of teeth to a baby photo is... unsettling."

Reddit | c0rnnut007

It actually took me a while to realise what they had done, and now I can't unsee it. The person who did this noted that now, "She's got a salesman/politician type grin with those choppers."

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39. Would You Recommend Kia To A Friend?

Reddit | ThisTextIsNotGreen

I've never owned a Kia, and if I'm honest, I've never heard a bad thing about them from the people I know who own one. Let me know your worst experience with a Kia down below, I'm actually curious now if they are that bad!

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40. "My dog's ball got stuck in a tree, so I tried to use the ball launcher to knock it loose, and that just made it worse."

Reddit | kingevanxii

Now they just need to throw the dog up there to knock the launcher down to throw up again to knock the ball down!

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