11+ People Who Absolutely Nailed Their DIY Beauty Projects

Brittany Rae 2 Apr 2020

We all know horror stories about DIY beauty projects that didn't turn out as expected. The stories in this article don't follow that pattern. In fact, these people actually nailed it when it came to DIY beauty and fashion. Color us impressed.

1. Now this is how you give yourself bangs.

Reddit | olallieberrie

This haircut is SO cute! olallieberrie on Reddit decided to go for it and cut their own hair. The biggest tip everyone on Reddit offered for cutting curly bangs: cut way longer than you think they should be, because those curls are going to shorten themselves a lot.

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2. This DIY brow gel is actually super easy.

Reddit | meesplease

They're actually called "soap brows," for obvious reasons. As meesplease explained:

"Essentially its eyebrow gel in the form of clear soap. I picked up Pears bar soap at Dollar Tree, melted it down, and poured into these little tins. When you want to use just get the soap wet and use a spoolie to brush through your brows!"

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3. Does anyone remember that cult Lancomé highlighter?

Imgur | Katyroleigh

It was basically comprised of a fake flower dusted with highlighter, and it was expensive. So Katyroleigh decided to DIY her own, and it totally worked! Plus, it was incredibly inexpensive. You can follow her full tutorial here.

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4. This person will never need another palette again.

Reddit | 644416

They slowly compiled a rainbow's worth of Wet 'N Wild eyeshadows — which are crazy good, in case you're wondering. They then arranged them as they wanted, and bam! No need to buy more palettes. This one does it all.

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5. DIY wedding makeup is risky — but this bride absolutely nailed it.

Reddit | iamafoxiamafox

That subtle look and those brows are absolutely perfect. As iamafoxiamafox explained, she didn't want to shell out $800 for makeup on her big day. Doing it herself actually helped calm her nerves, since the routine of it was familiar and comforting!

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6. These jeans are out of this world.

Reddit | -lyrota-

Hi talent, how are ya? These jeans were hand and machine embroidered by -lyrota-, and I am speechless. Look at the detail! The straight lines! The frickin' stars! Those DIY skills are just... astronomical.

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7. This mullet was totally DIY.

Reddit | darthsnarff

I know the word "mullet" can be a scary one, but this haircut is proof that it can totally be modernized if done right! Reddit user darthsnarff frickin' nailed that '80s vibe while still keeping it fresh.

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8. A coat truly fit for a Canadian winter.

Reddit | Elrassan

Not only is this coat suitably warm, it is more stylish than any winter coat has any right to be! It's stuffed with batting and warm lining, and that hood is to die for.

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9. Wedding makeup that is to die for.

Reddit | StableAbel

Can I marry that eyeshadow look? Because I totally want to. Reddit user StableAbel posted this trial run of her future wedding look, and honestly? She nailed it on the first try.

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10. A big chop just suits some people, you know?

Reddit | Chichi_lovesme

The energy in these two pictures is so different! Chichi_lovesme initially intended to do a trim, but decided it was time to chop it all off. It works so well!

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11. Create your own lightbox for taking pictures.

Reddit | fsutan

Taking product pictures for your favorite things can be a study in shadows. Instead of buying an expensive light box on Amazon, try following this tutorial and make your own for cheap!

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12. A cute bob could be in your future.

Reddit | Maria_Darling

If you're brave enough to cut your own hair, that is. Look how amazing this came out! I would actually consider a bob if I knew mine would end up looking this good.

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13. Make your own brush cleaner.

Reddit | nosoul_noworries

Brushes are a pain to clean. You can buy a mat designed to clean them, or you can spend $0 and make your own! This tutorial will teach you how to make one using only hot glue and a spare lid.

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14. Sometimes, the best person for the job is you.

Reddit | u/theinvisibleline

I'm going to let theinvisibleline explain this amazing before and after:

"Picture on the left is after I paid hella money for a deva cut that was uneven and left my hair halfway straight, on the right is after I did a reset wash and fixed it myself!"

Sometimes DIY is the only way to go, tbh.

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15. Anyone else loving taking on a challenge?

Reddit | Mackenzie-Belle

Reddit user Mackenzie-Belle does. "Day 2 on self quarantine and i’ve decided to cut my hair," they wrote in their Reddit post. I personally am loving this bob haircut!

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