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92-Year-Old Man Helps Color His Wife's Hair When She Can't Go To The Salon

An elderly man has recently gone viral after his granddaughter shared a heartwarming photo of him lending his wife a helping hand when she wasn't able to get to her usual salon for her dye job.

As the Independent reported, the unidentified 92-year-old man was pictured personally coloring his wife's hair as the two practiced social distancing and self-isolation amid the ongoing pandemic.

In the picture, the pair appear to have set up an impromptu salon right in the middle of their kitchen.

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While her husband carefully brushes dye into her hair, the woman seated in a wheelchair uses a handheld mirror to look on, likely inspecting his work to make sure he doesn't miss a single strand.

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The man's granddaughter, Yael Shapira Avraham, posted the photo on Facebook on Monday.

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“These are my grandparents, 92 years old (may we be healthy)," she wrote in the translated post. "In every situation my grandfather is worried that my grandmother will feel well-groomed."

“You don't see things like this every day.”

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Unsurprisingly, the photo quickly went viral, racking up over 57,000 likes at the time of writing.


In the comments, people are praising the loved-up couple for their super adorable display of affection during such a difficult time.

"This is real love," one person wrote. "May they be healthy.”

Another added, "Wow, amongst the most beautiful pictures I’ve seen."

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The pandemic has forced personal grooming businesses, like salons, to close as they are not considered "essential."

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Because of this, people have found themselves forced to seek other ways of keeping their hair looking its absolute best.

And for some trusting individuals, that means handing over the responsibility to their partners.

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But as we've seen before, not everyone is cut out to be a hairdresser.

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While it's certainly nice of them to give it their best shot during these trying times, I think we can all agree we really shouldn't be giving our partners scissors and permission to cut our hair for us.

Maybe we should just wait for the salons to open again.

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A relative of Yael's has since shared an updated photo of the happy couple following their rise to viral fame.

Facebook | Omer Shapira

In the post, Omer Shapira wrote that the pair, who are pictured sitting on a couch in front of a laptop, were preparing for a televised interview via their webcam.

And perhaps in more important news than that, we can clearly see just how good a job the 92-year-old did on his wife's perfectly-colored hair. Perhaps she'll be coming to him for her touch-ups more often.

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