Parents Are Sharing Their Brilliant Hacks While They're Stuck At Home With Their Kids

Lex Gabrielle 2 Apr 2020

Now that parents are going to be spending a considerable amount of time with their kids at home, it's time to turn to the internet for help. Online, parents have been sharing their brilliant hacks for keeping the kiddos entertained. These are some awesome ideas!

1. This dad who turned brushing your teeth into a full-on dance party.

Who knew something so simple could be so fun?

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2. This mom who made a full on snack menu for her kids.

Facebook l Mommy Gearest

The kids each get $10 a day and they can only spend that much money per day on snacks. Maybe that will help them make healthier choices!

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3. This mom who is getting free back rubs and giving her kids an art project.

They're washable markers, so it's all good!

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4. Let the kids "paint the fence" with water.

When it's sunny out, let them get some fresh air and do something fun and easy. Plus, you're not in a crowd!

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5. This mom who is making her kids "earn" screen AND snack time.

This idea is sheer brilliance when it comes to cleaning the house AND keeping your kids occupied at the same time.

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6. Use tape to create a car course on your floors for your kids.

Instagram l @tmccrum_mua

This will keep them occupied for hours! Plus, it's a no-mess activity.

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7. This mom who invented the "chore cup."

It's like a game, but also gets stuff done. Win!

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8. This mom had a "blind taste test." Fun!

Plus, super funny!

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9. Let the kids "find" things you've lost by making it into a scavenger hunt.

Instagram l @ruby1508Report

Smart and practical, it's a win-win.

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10. This mom made "mess-free" finger painting.

Instagram l @sportymum_b

All you need is paint, paper, a plastic bag, and some imagination. Put the paper and paint under the plastic bag, and kids will be able to poke and squish the paint through the plastic to make their art.

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11. Lego projects!

Build some really famous landmarks with those fun blocks.

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12. "Camp In" with the kids.

Pinterest | The Stay At Home Mom Survival Guide

Make a "camping trip" complete with a DIY, no-flame fire and a tent you have laying around. You can even play some cricket sounds on your phone!

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13. Glow-in-the-dark bowling is amazing.

Instructables | wbannister

Create your very own bowling game that glows in the dark by following the steps here.

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14. Make your own mini-garden.

If you have the room and the space, make something magical with your little ones. Plus, it gets them outside and in the fresh air.

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15. Create vocabulary matching games.

These games are fun and educational all wrapped up in one.

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16. Let them "paint" with water... and clean your car, too.

You know what they say about, "two birds, one stone." Parents, take note of this hack.

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17. Use everyday items in the house for fun.

Even if that means you're just stacking cups. Turn it into a game —the highest pyramid wins!

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18. Make art out of your trash.

Use egg crates to make "caterpillars" with some paint. Brilliant!

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19. Make your own moon sand and add some toys.

Sensory-friendly for kids who need it, and a great rainy day activity.

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20. Get to gaming!

Keep the kids engaged with some fun, thoughtful, interactive games that the whole family can get involved with.

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21. Make a fake pool in your shower with an inflatable pool.

Instagram l @fjordliebe

Why not pretend it's summer time and go for a swim?

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22. This mom who made "snack baskets" so her kids won't eat her out of house and home.

Facebook l Jennifer Hallstrom

They're limited to the items in their baskets every day. Makes sense!

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23. Time to break out the chalk!

Facebook | Official Registered Early Childhood Educators Group

Get creative with simple chalk. Make a giant snakes and ladders board in your driveway for an outdoor activity that will entertain them for hours.

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24. While you're stuck inside, it's always nice to ask other parents for help.

Giphy | New Year's Rockin' Eve

Remember, parenting takes a village. We're all in this together!

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