14+ People Who Don’t Want Our Advice

Paddy Clarke 2 Apr 2020

Stubbornness is a quality that more people have than would be willing to admit. It's not something that I'm guilty of though, and that's a fact that you'll never change my mind on no matter what evidence you bring to the contrary.

However, taking advice from others is one of the best ways to grow as a person. And so, with that idea in mind, here are 14+ people who don't want our advice... but could probably do with taking.

1. "People at my work consistently ignored the previous no smoking sign, so they upgraded."

Reddit | chodelegs

From the state of that sign, it looks like they have already had to drench someone. I mean, it could have just been raining, but I like imagining someone getting soaked with a bucket of water!

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2. Good Life Advice!

Reddit | expressadmin

This logic also applies to other appendages. You don't want to be that guy in the emergency room... trust me!

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3. "Ignored a detour sign for road that was closed to thru traffic. When I turned around, I saw this."

Reddit | DuctTapeNinja99

If I was meant to spend my life following signs then why would God invent SatNav?

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4. "Janet, I regret nothing!"

Reddit | kyrgbrl

Day one of owning a cat... do not allow them near unattended food, especially food that can cause a mess!

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5. "I wrapped a Darth Vader for my dad. I couldn't figure out where to put the light saber."

Reddit | Snoozinmas

I mean, literally anywhere than that would have sufficed! This looks like a prop from the lesser known Star Wars parody: "Star Wars Episode 2: Attack Of The Bones".

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6. "The nurse, during my annual wellness check, suggested at my age I should have a bar in the shower. So I took her advice."

Reddit | aktivate74

If this is what I can look forward to in later life, then frankly I cannot wait! Might need a little cocktail umbrella though to stop water diluting the wine.

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7. "Every year at Thanksgiving, I 'fix' my aunts computer. I have a feeling she's not keeping up with my advice."

Reddit | carveit3

This person's aunt is clearly a fan of the "remind me later" button, much like my good self. Why do anything that you can put off for someone else to do?

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8. Sound Logic

Reddit | raym0ndv2

Ah, the Doctor Who excuse, I like it! Although, if I invented a time machine, I'd just go back and get drunk in the French Revolution, not spend my time righting the mistakes of the past.

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9. "Secretly had my 6 year old's drawing tattooed. Four months later he confesses he didn't draw it; his friend, Kevin, drew it. Sometimes ignorance is bliss."

Reddit | helicopterwindow

A few people suggested that they will just have to adopt Kevin. Either way, hopefully, this will serve as a reminder to do thorough research before making rash life choices.

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10. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Reddit | superpatty

There are few things quite like buying a relative's kid the loudest present you possibly can. If you've got a relative out there who has just had a kid and you want some revenge, get them a kid's drumkit!

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11. Muffled Screaming

Reddit | gperlman

I wonder how sick they got of hearing the bathroom stall door close, only to be shortly followed by blood-curdling howling before they put this sign up.

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12. "Regretting panic buying $100 worth of Legos to end up with my children ignoring them and instead playing with a cardboard box and a can lid for 2 hours."

Reddit | YossarianC022

Much like cats playing with the boxes that their toys came in instead of the toys themselves, kids can also disappoint you in similar ways!

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13. "Solid advice for southerners driving on snow."

Reddit | Whitlow14

Driving on snow for the first time can be a truly unsettling experience. I remember thinking that it couldn't really be that slippy before careering straight into a nearby ditch. Terrifying.

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14. "My submission for the 'most widely ignored warning label ever' contest."

Reddit | nixonneckweasel

Has anyone in the history of humanity ever seen a tub of cookie dough and not had at least one spoonful straight out of the tub? If you have ever done this, then I pity your sad existence.

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15. "We told my buddy not to move during the panoramic shot. He didn't listen."

Reddit | bobbystrack

This is why panoramic images of your cats and dogs never work, they just can't resist moving and ruining the picture!

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16. This is some sound life advice."

Reddit | LadyJane17

"So you're saying that you slipped and fell into the vacuum cleaner?"

"Look, the suction on these things is stronger than you think, now stop looking at me like that and get me out."

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17. No Regrets...

Reddit | Theron7050

This person is clearly living life on hard mode. Why make it easy for yourself after all?

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18. "My manager went out on his boat this weekend."

Reddit | LinkedPioneer

As a man so pale that I burst into flames if I go within five feet of sunlight, I can feel this man's pain.

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19. "Definitely no regrets with his car purchase."

Reddit | seanbaileymd

I cannot look at these Subarus without wondering what kind of person would actually buy one. If you own one, please let me know if you regret buying it or not in the comments below, I'm genuinely curious!

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20. "Our 6 year old 'ran away' yesterday so we told him we love him and to come back if he needs anything. He came back and took the cat."

Reddit | NuggLife_

I can't think of a more useless item to take with you when you're running away from home than a cat. They'd just moan and claw at your bindle.

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