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Colorful Easter Houses Put A Springy Spin On A Festive Tradition

Gingerbread people aren't the only treats that live in houses, okay? There are plenty of other festive mascots that deserve safe and happy homes to live in.

Well, safe until they're eaten, and these Easter houses will definitely be difficult to try and not gobble up!

How cute are these little Easter houses?


They put a colorful twist on the classic gingerbread house of Christmastime.

These Easter houses were made with graham cracker pieces, cookie icing, a ton of Easter-themed candies, and of course, Peeps, which are basically icons of all things Easter.

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With a whole box of graham crackers, you can really get creative with your house.

Kitchen Counter Chronicle

It's basically like building with LEGOs, except you get to eat your masterpiece after!

We love how Kitchen Corner Chronicle created a two-story house with a garage.

How many stories would you build?

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Most crafty people do seem to use graham crackers to build the house, but you can really use any sweet structured treat.

Passion For Savings

Wafers are an absolute game-changer and highly underrated in general in my opinion!

The strawberry flavor definitely gives it a major pop of color to tie in all the springy vibes.

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If you're not feeling like going out and getting individual items for everything you need, you can absolutely purchase an Easter house kit.

Instagram | @seasonalsweets4

This Chocolate Cookie Bunny Hutch Kit comes with everything you need to make the cutest edible Easter house the Easter bunny ever did see!

Find it at Target for $13.59.

No matter which house you choose, I think we can all agree that everyone can get on board with the sweet flavors of spring!

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