18+ People Who Learned The Hard Way

Paddy Clarke 2 Apr 2020

We all learn a thing or two from the School of Hard Knocks at some point in our lives, and they are lessons that we do not forget in a hurry!

Whether it was realizing that you've used something that definitely wasn't toothpaste to brush your teeth, accidentally announcing the results of your STD test to all of your friends, or not realizing how incredibly flammable a liquid is until it is too late, here are 18+ lessons that people learned the hard way!

1. "I think more than one drink was needed after that text."

Reddit | GeraldinePacheco712

That new anonymous texting system really is a lifesaver, isn't it? Well, it is when you don't broadcast the anonymous text to all of your friends.

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2. "The lady at the courthouse neglected to tell me I was looking at the wrong camera."

Reddit | applesauzzy

Oh, that woman at the courthouse knew exactly what she was doing! You're stuck with that mistake for a long time friendo!

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3. The Discovery Of Taxes

Reddit | Distraction182

Yeah, that's one hell of an eye-opener. It's the moment that you become an adult, the innocence of childhood dies the day you pay your first tax amount.

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4. "This photo my dad took of me at Machu Picchu."

Reddit | Mr_Tom_Yabo

Well, at least now you know that your dad needs to learn how to take photos on a phone... would have been nice to know that beforehand though.

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5. "Cleaned the cat’s litter box and brought the bag with me to throw away on the way to work. Also brought my lunch. Guess which one got thrown away?"

Reddit | Eric264

Mmmmm, looks like you're in for one hell of an unforgettable luncheon! I'm sure your coworkers will also be thrilled to see that in the communal fridge!

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6. "I regret nothing."

Reddit | thesned

Someone needs to get that cat a large bag of Cheetos and a packet of chocolate fingers stat!

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7. "Think this will solve the problem?"

Reddit | phalanxo

I mean, if I got a recording like this, I'd probably stop. Although, I think maybe just the note might have sufficed, the recording is a bit creepy isn't it?

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8. "Was looking forward to having some nice bread from a local bakery."

Reddit | TheWrigglerr

I didn't realize that Lays crisps had started making bread!

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9. "Police forgets capsicum sprays are flammable."

Reddit | Teerendog

This looks like it should be an album cover for a Pink Floyd inspired indie-prog-rock act. The album would be called, "Burn The Unbelievers".

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10. "Guess who's severely allergic to hair dye? This girl!"

Reddit | a-liketheway

Well, at least her hair looks really good in that color. That's something I guess?

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11. "I volunteered at my 9 year old son's day camp today. I asked him this morning to pack us a lunch. I really regret not checking what he had packed before we left..."

Reddit | JephriB

Ah, the lunch that keeps dentists everywhere in business! The meth will really help as well.

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12. "Forgetting about your pizza for 8 hours. Burnt so bad it looks like a double-chocolate brownie."

Reddit | daddysnakeboi

How would you not smell that? Also, how would you not take a bite out of it, just to see how it tastes? Bad, I would imagine, but still...

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13. "Not the layers she asked for.. She learned the hard way not to hire a cheap barber from craigslist.."

Reddit | Maklo_Never_Forget

Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's a terrible life decision that she will live to regret over the next few months until her hair grows out.

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14. "About finishing the book only to discover that 10 pages are missing."

Reddit | AlphaPlutonium

And you know for a fact that those will be the most important 10 pages in the whole damn book. I'd have to buy a new copy, I can't handle skipping anything when reading.

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15. "My friend is allergic to everything."

Reddit | arzuros

Christ, and I thought that I was allergic to a lot of things! This guy really has outdone me! It's a miracle they're allowed to go anywhere without wearing a hazmat suit.

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16. "You wake up just to realise life ain't same anymore."

Reddit | swatilekha14

I cannot imagine how strange of an experience that must be... and frankly, I do not want to!

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17. *Soft Snoring

Reddit | csmxiv

I think that everyone has at least one story in their life where they have fallen asleep on public transport and missed their stop. Christ, that was an expensive nap to Leeds.

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18. Mistakes Were Made

Reddit | love2go

Well, on the plus side, you shouldn't have to worry about itchy teeth any time soon.

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19. Instant Regret

Reddit | jasontaken

"I'll fit in there easy!"

"I really don't think you will."

"Watch me!"

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20. Well, That Sucks!

Reddit | dirk993

I hope that person that locked up this person's bike did the courteous thing and bought them a pint, or three!

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