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Memes That May Actually Be A Thing

Amy Pilkington 2 Apr 2020

Maybe it's too much time at home with only the internet for company, but I'm, starting to think that maybe, just maybe, some memes are actually dropping some serious knowledge.

I'm not a conspiracy nut, but you know...

It may not be out of the question to add an extra roll of aluminum foil to my next grocery list.

I'm going to need to make a few hats!

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Speaking of grocery shopping...

Must Be Memes

I mean, I can see his rationale. Blue box, tubular shape, expands and softens when soaked with liquid.

You know what? Leave it there. It's good.

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Shhh! Don't jinx it...

Reddit | Osgur-turtle

Jeez! 2020 is bad enough already. Don't go asking the Universe for anything else crazy.

We have a global pandemic and Joe Exotic is inescapable; haven't we suffered enough?

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Seriously though...

Meme Guy

Where do the containers go?

If the lids were the thing that went missing, I'd say that they might have slipped to the back of a pantry shelf or something, but grandma's vintage lasagna-sized Tupperware container isn't hiding behind the decades-old tins of baking powder and evaporated milk.

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