15+ People Who Aren’t To Be Trusted

Dan 3 Apr 2020

As a naturally miserly person, there isn't much that I feel comfortable putting my trust in. After putting together this list, I think my personal levels of mistrust are now at an all-time high.

1. Really makes you think.


I think we'll ultimately need decades of research to understand any potential long-term risks of radiation exposure. I also think that I wouldn't trust anyone who thinks that dumbphones are radiation-free compared to smartphones.

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2. Do you really?

Reddit | [deleted]

In case you can't make it out, this guy's shirt says "I stand for the national anthem". Judging by the fact that he's sitting on Old Glory, I'm not sure how trustworthy he really is.

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3. Back to the future.

Reddit | [deleted]

I guess someone just didn't want 2017 to end. As an aside, why would any date stamper even be capable of stamping the number 32?

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4. Couch potato.

Reddit | DaddyBreasticles

Technology is fun. It does everything from provide us with cool Snapchat filters to facilitating important remote meetings. Sometimes, these two disparate aspects collide.

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5. What are these fake numbers?

Reddit | Tovarish-Aleksander

I mean, I prefer 12-hour time, but I've also known about the existence of 24-hour time since, oh, early grade school. Maybe it's a British thing, but it's also a whole world thing.

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6. Oh no.

Reddit | lamsiyuen

This sign is trying very hard to be reassuring. But if a bear was able to crack it in the first place, I'm not confident that the compromised window would withstand a second attack.

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7. Technically correct.

Reddit | Explesis

I don't trust the handyman who labelled this smoke detector. Like, no kidding it's on the ceiling. These things usually aren't mounted along the floor.

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8. Never trust this guy.

Reddit | GT-ProjectBangarang

Yes, as a rule, it's never a good idea to put your trust in clickbaity YouTubers. But "leaking" your own footage on your own account is a bridge too far.

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9. Thanks but no thanks.

Reddit | Mochanoodle

If this was my ad, I would be tremendously weirded out by this. Why are you asking about my truck if you're not interested?

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10. No thanks, Adam.

Reddit | roxypotter13

The texts from this Ikea delivery guy are very polite. Still, he shouldn't be using customers' personal numbers to try to secure dates. That's weird, Adam.

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11. Does not compute.

Reddit | chrono55

Humankind has known the world is a globe for a long, long time. Ancient seafaring would have been impossible without it. Just don't tell the people on this cruise.

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12. C'mon, mom.

Reddit | WhiteWolfJon

If you parents have Facebook, they've probably posted something embarrassing about you once or twice. But this is the kind of sin egregious enough to destroy all trust in dear old mom.

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13. Seems legit.

Reddit | radis234

If you're driving and see a guy in work clothes and a high visibility vest directing traffic, you're probably going to trust him. If he pulls out a ping pong paddle to do his job, that trust might just waver.

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14. Is a robot in charge of their social media?

Reddit | whitemike40

If the Washington Capitals think that this totally normal pic is the result of a faceswap, I'd hate to see what their team actually looks like.

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15. He lives.

Reddit | fireball987

I've trusted Rotten Tomatoes many times over the years for movie recommendations, but you'd think a movie site would be able to do a better job of tracking who's dead or not.

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16. ...hi?

Reddit | Hadouken617

"Hi" is a nice greeting. But when it comes unexpectedly — in this case, in shadow form from a sketchy-looking truck — it can be downright chilling.

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17. He asked the audience.

Reddit | Lontology

Judging from the fact that this guy had to ask the audience whether zebraforce was a real thing, I would never trust him with anything important.

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18. Why you check the drive-thru first.

Reddit | [deleted]

The driver of the black car is way too trusting. They could have followed the arrows to the drive-thru, but instead placed their trust in someone they shouldn't have.

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19. That doesn't sound right.

Reddit | RollingOwl

News stations do their best, and usually produce trustworthy information. But this graphic should be proof that it's always good to verify what you read.

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20. All wrong everything.

Reddit | iam_nobody

This guy passed out in the hallway. That means that he tried his Visa in the door, failed to open it, failed to take it out of the door, and just collapsed. Not exactly the trustworthy sort.

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