11+ People Who Need An Instruction Manual

Paddy Clarke 3 Apr 2020

Ah, ingenuity. A quality that sets certain people apart from the rest of humanity... and a quality which I sincerely wish that I actually possessed ⏤ alas not.

Some people are simply born with that MacGyver-esque ability to look at a situation and figure out a creative solution using nothing but the contents of their pockets and that one draw in your house that is full of useless crap. However, sometimes, the solutions that these people come up with leave a bit to be desired. And, with that in mind, here are 11+ things that weren't the quick fix people thought they were.

1. "The whole side was barely attached. No worries though, it's nothing two poorly positioned yellow straps can't fix!"

Reddit | SpoontacularFork

Look, I'm sure that those straps are capable of holding incredible amounts of weight... but how would you ever look at that and think, "Yep, that's ready for the open road!"

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2. "My local Dunkin Donuts drive through speaker broke. They're using a baby monitor now."

Reddit | Limit760

This is actually quite an ingenious idea really. Although, did they just happen to have baby monitors in the store, or did they have to send someone out to a nearby baby store... or wherever you can buy things for babies? This really isn't my area in case you couldn't tell.

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3. "How we fixed my 90yo grandfather TV problems."

Reddit | jaimepasmonpseudo

There were a lot of people wondering why there hasn't yet been a remote made for people who struggle with technology. Just a remote with only a dozen giant buttons that have very clear instructions on each button.

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4. "Maintenance is in no hurry."

Reddit | Obmr-snrU

Some say that when the end of days arrives, and we all line up to be judged, that machine will still be waiting on its foretold tune-up.

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5. "Satellite dishes are strictly forbidden."

Reddit | rastroboy

That is some good paintwork! It does kind of smack like something that Wile E Coyote would do though.

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6. "Workers in my house were trying to fix old elevator's motor, but they just dropped it."

Reddit | GiofilmsFan11

Wonderful stuff! Now the stairs are out of order as well as the elevator! I hope the person who knows this is good at scaling building's facades.

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7. "Microsoft should probably fix this..."

Reddit | ckoppula199

One miserable, killjoy bugger pointed out that, "That's a http error, not a Windows error." I wonder what it's like being that sad?

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8. "Your day may have been bad, but it's not as bad as 'I tipped over a satellite and it'll cost $135 million to fix' bad."

Reddit | abledanger

The person who posted this shared the fascinating back story to this image:

"A NASA inquiry into the mishap determined that it was caused by a lack of procedural discipline throughout the facility. While the turn-over cart used during the procedure was in storage, a technician removed twenty-four bolts securing an adapter plate to it without documenting the action. The team subsequently using the cart to turn the satellite failed to check the bolts [...]

"Repairs to the satellite cost $135 million. Lockheed Martin agreed to forfeit all profit from the project to help pay for repair costs; they later took a $30 million charge relating to the incident. The remainder of the repair costs were paid by the United States government."

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9. "Spend $500 fixing that scrape? Nah, I have a better idea..."

Reddit | RebellaScumm

Sure, it may not be a $135 million mistake, but still, $500 is $500!

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10. "My dad’s 'quick fix' to having no Christmas wrapping paper."

Reddit | VLY-KID

Personally, I don't think that Jesus gets enough presents on his birthday! Sure, everyone gives each other stuff, but what does Jesus get? Some tuneless choir singing in his honor? That sucks!

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11. "My boss complained about my coworkers hair being too long. So she fixed the problem."

Reddit | billybobjoe4000

Now she's able to wear her hat normally and have it turned back like the cool in school. Talk about the best of both worlds.

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12. "To fix the engine you must first become the engine."

Reddit | BourbonScotchWhiskey

Little known fact, the old Chevrolet trucks were actually powered by a single man running along the ground like the Flinstone's car. Hence why they ran on burgers and beer.

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13. "How my friend returned my computer after fixing it (See desktop background)."

Reddit | croft1342

That is one hell of a sick person who would do something like this. No one should have to deal with the hellscape that is Internet Explorer in this day and age.

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14. "This church window has been broken for years- glad somebody finally fixed it!"

Reddit | CowPig84

This is also an accurate metaphor for what churches praying for victims of a disaster/tragedy actually does to help.

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15. "Board game broke apart, and my 3yo worked very hard to fix it."

Reddit | YogaLatteNerd

For a moment there it looked like they'd done a pretty bang-up job! Alas, it was not the case!

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16. "How to draw attention to leaking pipes people will not fix."

Reddit | friendlypelican

In case anyone was worried, no fish were harmed in the construction of that prank. However, I can imagine that the carrot that they fashioned the fish from was a little mushy by the time they took it down.

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17. "My client's daughter cut her own hair. I am a hairdresser. She asked me if I could fix it. NOPE."

Reddit | snipandclip

Ooft, yeah that's not gonna be an easy fix! This little girl is going to be rocking a comb-over for a long time I reckon!

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18. "I broke the toilet seat. This is how I broke it to my wife..."

Reddit | boogerknows

Somehow, I can't see this person's wife appreciating this hilarious way to let them know they broke the toilet seat.

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19. "Thank god they fixed it..."

Reddit | painlessblade

Apparently, the stuff that they are applying is called "Speed tape" and it is an " aluminium pressure-sensitive tape".

It is apparently used as a temporary fix and is "a special product that can withstand the high temperatures, moisture, wind, and other challenging conditions to which an aircraft fuselage is exposed during flight," according to One Mile At A Time.

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20. "If only there was something to fix it!"

Reddit | fscmj

This is the perfect chance to show off the product! Also, if it's $699 then it should at least be able to fix its own lid!

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21. "My work has a box of tools for quick fixes, but something seems off."

Reddit | notepad7

And just like that, humanity was sucked right the way back to the dark ages! And you thought accidentally hitting yourself in the finger with a hammer was painful, just wait until you hit yourself with a stone!

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22. "Someone at work left us this today."

Reddit | Videgraphaphizer

Pah, what a foolish idea! No spider can be held down by a simple paper cup! You need a heavy pint glass or nothing else.

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23. "Something went wrong when he tried to fix the washing machine. His roommates had to call the fire department to free him."

Reddit | progressinmotion

I'd say that I hope he at least managed to fix it before getting stuck, but the fire department would have probably had to break it again to get him out.

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24. "My reading glasses broke and I needed a quick fix... voila."

Reddit | monkeypowah

I do not know how the hipster market hasn't leapt all over this yet.

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25. "My grandma called me over to fix her computer because 'everything moves backwards'."

Reddit | buttholytrinity

Do you reckon they just turned it around, or do you think that they turned it off and on and did a bit of pageantry to make their nan feel better about their mistake?

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26. "I broke my GF's fancy shampoo bottle and she returns tonight from her conference... NAILED IT!"

Reddit | chumia40

And from then on, his girlfriend smelt of cheese and onion Lay's, fulfilling a strange fantasy he had had since he was a child.

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27. "My little cousin broke a plate and tried to hide it from my aunt..."

Reddit | moistkittens

Truly, is there nothing that can't be fixed with sticky tape? Broken a plate? Stick tape! Need to fix a plane? Stick tape! Have crippling emotional issues stemming from a breakup you never quite got over? Stick tape!

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28. "Four years since installing the 'Scissor Antitheft Device.' Nobody has figured out the flaw yet."

Reddit | Jobyn

If it has taken four years for your coworkers to figure out the loophole in this plan, then you should probably consider applying for a new job.

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29. "while making gingerbread men with my girlfriend, mine broke... I worked with what I had."

Reddit | MrK9

Sure, this looks like a great idea on the surface, but just wait until you taste it and realize that they used sweetcorn for the innards!

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30. "My grandfather came to visit and fixed' all our furniture with this 'brown' sharpie."

Reddit | ricbalma

I think you might need to get your grandfather's eyes checked! Either that or try and figure out what you did to annoy your grandfather so much!

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