11+ Before-And-After Pics That Are Organization Goals

Brittany Rae 3 Apr 2020

Y'all, you are about to have a religious experience. What is more satisfying than seeing clutter magically disappear, and organization rule supreme?

That's right, nothing. So here's a bunch of that to please your brain.

1. This transformation is what dreams are made of.

Reddit | vitaminwolf

After having a hard time with a bout of depression, Reddit user vitaminwolf decided to clean up their bedroom.

Now, it's a bedroom that dreams are made of. I would be so proud if I were them!

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2. A kitchen worth cooking in.

Reddit | i_gotmilkalloverme

Reddit user i_gotmilkalloverme cleaned their kitchen after letting it go for a while, and it looks amazing. The addition of plants is a great way to brighten and freshen up a space and make it feel brand new!

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3. But wait! There's more!

Reddit | i_gotmilkalloverme

It turns out i_gotmilkalloverme wasn't done. They posted their progress on the rest of their house, too!

The results were posted alongside happy news: at the time of posting, they were three weeks sober!

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4. This transformation was deeply needed.

Reddit | dogssdogssdogss

After years of neglect, dogssdogssdogss redecorated their mother's bedroom. She had just been diagnosed with cancer and needed somewhere safe and clean to recuperate.

I think it's safe to say that they totally nailed it.

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5. The brightness of this room is so healing.

Reddit | KMACoolCoolNoDoubt

As KMACoolCoolNoDoubt wrote:

"The last few months have felt like an uphill battle against depression. This is the cleanest my room has been in a long while. It took me all day in 35 degree heat but I’m so glad it’s done. Here’s to a brighter tomorrow."

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6. Houston, we have a floor.

Reddit | celeryshark

Reddit user celeryshark got some help from their mom to clean this space up. Now there's room for everything, including a pet bed! Every part of me wishes the pet that bed is meant for was in this picture.

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7. This piece is called, "Wow we have a counter."

Reddit | behindthearmory

User behindthearmory found a place for everything in their bathroom, and then freshened up the place! That shower curtain and new bathmat are really cute and a perfect way to celebrate a new, clean space.

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8. The satisfaction I feel cannot be overstated.

Reddit | Chrissykissthecorpse

Look at how perfectly everything fits into those bins! The floor is clean, the toys are organized, and there's no legos left to stop on.

Or, as Chrissykissthecorpse put it: "I cleaned the damn playroom."

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9. I love when a transformation includes painting.

Reddit | HineniNeni

Painting that wall white was absolutely the right choice. Some spaces need bright, crisp colors to really feel organized, and a kitchen is one of those spaces. User HineniNeni did an amazing job.

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10. This is truly a day and night difference.

Reddit | christmaschewbacca

Hello, amazing living room transformation! Everything about this room changed, from the furniture arrangement to the clutter management. This is just so satisfying. User christmaschewbacca did an amazing job! 10/10, would marvel at again.

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11. This was a good start to 2020.

Reddit | kmyb13

User kmyb13 said:

"After two years of living in a mess, I’m proud to say that my room has stayed clean and organized for a whole month now. I regularly do laundry, vacuum and tidy up when I can (something I only could dream about a couple of months ago). Let’s start 2020 right :)"

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12. Hello, clean kitchen!

Reddit | purplepuns

User purplepuns overcame some obstacles to get this kitchen gleaming.

"After a bout of depression, many unsuccessful attempts to do more than fill the dishwasher, and a lot of takeout due to not wanting to be in the kitchen... it is clean."

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Reddit | rzolab

Sorry, I got really excited to see dogs. I've been inside a long time, you guys.

rzolab decided to clean up their bedroom, and it looks great. Truly a perfect space for dogs to sprawl in.

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14. This cleanup happened in 20 minutes.

Reddit | Chrissykissthecorpse

What kind of magic is that? According to Chrissykissthecorpse:

"20 minute timer and a really good playlist. Dancing makes cleaning more fun!"

I mean, I'll try that! It'll be good exercise, too!

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