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Jake Gyllenhaal Doing A Shirtless Handstand Is All Fans Can Watch Right Now

Jake Gyllenhaal is a national treasure. He's a fantastic actor, speaks up for what's important, and let's face it: drop-dead gorgeous.

It's that last fact we will be focusing on today.

Most of us don't know how it started, but most of us don't care.

All we know is that a bunch of celebrities started doing shirtless handstand challenges.

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Tom Holland tagged some of his Marvel co-stars, two of them being Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal.


Ryan Reynolds hasn't done it yet (and judging from his own Instagram story, won't do it at all).

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But thankfully, in these hard times that are the year 2020, Jake Gyllenhaal took pity on us and BLESSED us with a shirtless handstand.

And it is as good as you'd imagine it.

Better, actually.

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So yeah, we'll be watching that on repeat.

Instagram | @jakegyllenhaal

Gyllenhaal nominated a few other people, including another Marvel star, Hugh Jackman.

Desperately awaiting that one next...

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