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Church Signs Are Telling It Like It Is In These Troubled Times

Amy Pilkington 3 Apr 2020

In this age of anxiety that is 2020, many people are turning to their faith to help cope with things, but you can only do so much when you can't actually go to your preferred place of worship for support and community.

Just like most places these days, especially those where people gather in large groups, churches are closed indefinitely.

And they're making sure to display "proper" signage to inform their congregations of the importance of social distancing.

Some in more forceful language than others...

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Others are playing it a little more straight with apt Bible verses.

I mean, there's a reason those words still resonate now. They are pretty universal and can be applied to any sort of craziness.

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For many people, faith is a very important part of life, but not the only important part.

In a situation like the pandemic we are currently facing, it's important to balance the comfort and strength of our personal faith with data and science that we trust.

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And ultimately, we just all want to get through this with our sanity and our health intact.

Reddit | Dreamba

We tend to focus on the present without considering future consequences, but even though this social distancing sucks, it's for the best.

We'll all get through this together.

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