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16+ Interesting Pics That Gave Us A Lot With Just A Little

To excite us, things generally have to be pretty big. Shows stand out by being big productions, events that attract a staggering amount of people seem the most impressive, and I strongly suspect that a lot of people prefer Chicago-style pizza purely because of its gargantuan size.

But at the same time, they always say that it's the little things in life that can make a real difference for us. If we take the time to notice them, we can feel a serene sense of satisfaction that just hits differently from the big, exciting stuff in our lives.

And while the sights we're about to see might not literally be small in stature, they achieve that pleasant feeling all the same.

1. If you see a tree with this odd sphere growing on it, then you've found some mistletoe growing in the wild.

Reddit | ChronicLegend

Yeah, it actually turns out that the little plant that people kiss under at Christmas is a parasite. I suppose you can do with that information what you will.

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2. Although it can be difficult to distinguish parts of the Sahara Desert from each other, the massive Richat Structure is such a big help that even astronauts use it as a landmark.

Reddit | potinr

According to Atlas Obscura, it's 30 miles in diameter and occurred naturally in the desert, likely as the result of the gradual erosion of a giant rock dome.

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3. It's hard not to see this little guy as two cats in one.

Reddit | Resident_Grocery

It's hardly unusual to see a black and white cat, but how many times can you say you've seen the entire likeness of a cat in the fur of one?

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4. This clever person has found a way to make their jigsaw puzzle seem "close enough."

Reddit | Ghosty______

Although it's pretty clear that the puzzle isn't finished, all it takes is a black surface to let our eyes complete the image.

So now, our hands don't have to.

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5. When a plant grows near a chain-link fence, it's probably going to end up in a pretty funky shape.

Reddit | perfectp1tchpr0bz

This has been identified as a vine, which explains why it's twisting to such an extreme around the links.

As we can see from the tree branch next to it, though, it's not too far off from how other plants react to this situation.

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6. Each of the little orange dots in this picture represents a fairly large heater.

Reddit | Sprongle18

The reason why so many are active in these fields in Burgundy, France has to do with forecasts of frost appearing in the region.

If those heaters weren't in place, the weather would ruin the grapes in all of these vineyards.

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7. Well, at least this sign still tells us all of the important information.

Reddit | urawizarddeadpool

It's kind of handy that the lights on this sign burnt out in just the right way to keep this gas station's name intact.

There's just kind of a hiccup in between "spee" and "dway" now.

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8. In Tilburg, The Netherlands, it's not unusual to see the lights at crosswalks showing some pretty bizarre imagery.

Reddit | IljaTheNotCoolGuy

Yes, that is a man peeing in a pot. This is apparently a reference to a period called Carnaval in the south of the country when people drink heavily and act rambunctiously.

Literal pot-peeing isn't exactly part of it, to my understanding, but those who participate get a related nickname anyway.

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9. It's hardly unheard for a tree to grow over a sign placed in front of it, but it's particularly unhelpful in this case.

Reddit | BigSassy_121

This sign is supposed to mark the trail that cuts through this forest, so it's almost like the trees themselves want you to get lost.

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10. At first glance, this probably seems like a perfectly normal forest.

Reddit | Burkinator_

And that just demonstrates how sophisticated cell service providers are getting at hiding their antennae.

Notice how one of those trees is a slightly different color than the others? That's the fake.

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11. While a jigsaw puzzle might have you recreate the top picture, a Wasgij puzzle works a little differently.

Reddit | EEZAK04

And yes, that term is indeed "jigsaw" backwards. The top image is on the puzzle's box and it's a clue as to how you make the finished puzzle on the bottom, which reveals what exactly everyone in the top picture is looking at.

So it adds a fun perspective shift and some extra challenge to the concept.

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12. As the sign says, this is indeed the apple tree Sir Isaac Newton sat under while working out his theory of gravity.

Reddit | sacrecoeur1206

The 350-year-old tree may look pretty gnarly, but that's because it partially blew over and was rehabilitated by local grammar students who knew how important it is.

Despite going through it, it's still standing and apparently even still producing apples.

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13. This elevator won't seem very familiar, but it may be more hygienic than what we're used to.


That's because there aren't any traditional buttons to call the elevator, but rather these ones near the floor that are activated with a light kick.

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14. As we can see here, it's possible for a deer to have an extra antler, but it's incredibly rare.

Reddit | polotrav

As veterinarian Steve Edwards said, this minor difference in the number of antlers on a deer's head is actually a one-in-a-million discovery.

So if you encounter one, you're witnessing something truly special.

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15. As this now-preserved page shows, J.R.R. Tolkien wasn't always going to give 'The Lord Of The Rings' its iconic title.

Reddit | Nallyyyy

Instead, he had originally landed on the much more generic-sounding title, The Magic Ring.

That doesn't really sound like something that can sustain a series of three long books, does it?

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16. Although we put a lot of importance on the first time someone does anything successfully, it helps to note the failures that came before it.

Reddit | EvenResource

And so, we recognize this early attempt at a photograph that saw Joseph Nicéphore Niépce try to capture the view out of his window in 1826.

It's considered the first failed photograph on record.

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17. The ideal bowl of chili will vary from person to person, which is why this family set theirs up like this.

Reddit | AmberRose1995

The mother here likes her spice levels at about a five out of 10, while Joey here is perfectly happy at a full 10 out of 10.

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18. This is apparently this woman's first time shooting, but she's already become a part of something we don't see very often.

Reddit | DaenaTargaryen3

As we can see, this photo captures the muzzle flash on the gun as she fires this shot. Given how quickly that flash comes and goes, that's no small feat.

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19. Although it's easy to find this cat once we know it's there, it's a lot harder to notice it when you're just passing into the room.

Reddit | Resident_Grocery

So it's a good reminder to watch your step in an unfamiliar environment because a cat isn't the only one who ends up unhappy when someone steps on its tail.

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20. Although this isn't a feature of every traffic light in Denmark, it's a fun Easter egg that you might eventually notice there.

Reddit | Ulle82

It turns out that some of the green lights display the image of a little Viking warrior. Because who's going to tell them to stop, right?

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