14+ Stunning Birthmarks That Left An Impression

Dan 3 Apr 2020

Birthmarks are one of those features that are totally unique. While lots of people have these benign skin patterns, every last one is a little bit different.

1. The most famous birthmark of all time.

Flickr | Oleg.A

Let's start off with former Soviet and Russian leader Mikhail Gorbachev, who had a prominent birthmark on his forehead.

In earlier Soviet photos and portraits, he was often depicted without the mark.

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2. It isn't just humans.

Reddit | kamyer

As far as I know, any living thing can have a birthmark. This cute little cockatiel has a small grey discoloration on the back of its neck, an example of a birthmark in the animal world.

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3. 💖.

Reddit | rjj995

Birthmarks can vary considerably in size, shape, color and location. This person has a mark on their hand that's pretty much a perfect heart.

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4. Embrace your uniqueness.

Reddit | Meika_allswells

This woman has birthmarks along with scarring on her face. While it's no doubt been a source of self-consciousness throughout her life, she still had the courage to share the pics online.

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5. Another heart!

Reddit | WickedTexan

This doggo, Ellie, has a perfectly centered little heart on the underside of her chin. You wouldn't even notice this unless she was lounging.

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6. All shapes and sizes.

Reddit | therealRoxana

This woman has a small birthmark on her feet. Oftentimes, birthmarks are small and dark like this, making them look almost like a mole.

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7. Looking for suggestions.

Reddit | Strelok678

This person posted a photo of their birthmark because they're looking for tattoo ideas — not to cover the mark, but to emphasize it.

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8. Oh my goodness.

Reddit | thou_art_a_saucy_boy

There's something about baby cows that makes me feel super guilty about eating beef. This adorable calf certainly isn't helping matters.

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9. Lil strawberry.

Reddit | saskiacrystal

Birthmarks often develop in the first month or two of life. This baby is brand new and so is the birthmark, which will probably fade somewhat over time.

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10. Hidden heart.

Reddit | [deleted]

I guess there are so many photos of heart birthmarks not because they're necessarily common, but because they're so cute that people can't help but take a picture.

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11. Happy.

Reddit | jokeahontas

This 20-year-old posted her photos on the r/rateme subreddit. She was evidently a little self-conscious about the birthmark on her face, but she received tons of supportive comments.

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12. Every mark is unique.

Reddit | KokoTheTempurra

People with birthmarks on their face have no choice other than to own it from an early age. After all, your face is the main thing that helps people recognize you.

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13. Teardrop.

Reddit | atlaspleasee

This woman says her teardrop-esque birthmark often has people wondering if she has something stuck in her eye. It's a wonderfully distinctive mark.

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14. Secret mark.

Reddit | cestrumnocturnum

This black cat has a little black birthmark inside its mouth. It only gets revealed when the kitty yawns (or hisses).

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15. Baby birthmark.

Reddit | 12rossja

As discussed above, babies often have birthmarks that are more prominent in color because they're so new. Some birthmarks retain their red-pink color, but most fade to brown.

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16. Owning it.

Reddit | daewoot

"I always hid it, but now I want to share with you my birthmark in the center of my forehead," wrote this poster. It's great to see so many people owning their birthmarks.

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17. Stealthy mark.

Reddit | whatthefrickfricks

Some birthmarks form a pretty obvious shape in a small area, but others are more like this: slight discoloration over a larger areas.

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18. My heart.

Reddit | Gurjen

This photo is an absolute keeper. Just look at the baby's happy face! The birthmark is another vaguely heart-shaped one, and looks great.

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19. Smiley smile.

Reddit | Zuegma197777

This fish is apparently a parrot cichlid. I'm not a fish guy, so I'm not here for the fish. What I am here for is the adorable smiley face birthmark.

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20. Matching.

Reddit | Bell_Ashley666

This mom and her newborn baby both, incredibly, share the same unique birthmark: differently colored hair in the middle of their foreheads.

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21. If you've got it, flaunt it.

Reddit | ConfessionAccount745

This girl owns her gorgeous birthmark, posting confident and beautiful selfies. These types of marks really are striking, and I applaud her for highlighting such a unique feature!

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22. Natural highlights.

Reddit | DIYKnowNothing

Thanks to this little girl's birthmark, a chunk of her hair comes in so blonde it's almost white. I think a lot of people who bleach their hair must be jealous of her.

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23. Soulmates? How about thighmates.

Reddit | BettyChao

This couple didn't even realize they had extremely similar birthmarks until a while after they got together, and apparently they're both the only ones in their respective families with a mark like this. I think this was fated, but maybe that's the romantic in me.

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24. Birthmark side effects.

Reddit | sbowesuk

This man has a birthmark that covers nearly half his torso that grows hair. It's like he was on his way to becoming a werewolf and got stuck mid-transformation.

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25. Making someone's day.

Reddit | yammyammm

This user told a story about her birthmark, seen in the photo right next to her eye. One day when she was out, she met a little girl with the exact same birthmark. The girl was clearly insecure about it, so this woman helped boost her confidence by showing her matching one and raving about how the girl's mark was even cooler.

I'd be lying if I said the story didn't make me a bit emotional. There really are good people out there.

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26. An even stronger bond.

Reddit | hanging_tree

This mom thought her baby's birthmark was amazing, so she decided to get the same one tattooed on her own hang to match. Now they can grow up matching!

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27. Still golden.

Reddit | Ad5623

This golden retriever puppy was born with a large birthmark that caused his fur to grow in black. If anything I think this makes him cuter. Who's a special boy? You are! You are!

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28. Modern medicine.

Reddit | OMGLMAOWTF_com

This young boy was born with a large birthmark on his face, as seen in the bottom photo. He and his family decided he would undergo a procedure where implants were put into his head, top left, so the stretched skin could be used to replace the birthmark, top right.

I didn't even know this sort of thing was possible, but it looks seamless!

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29. Racing stripe.

Reddit | Franneboy

This birthmark developed underneath this person's nail, colouring it permanently and leaving them with a solid stripe. I think this one is so cool, it's a permanent accessory and almost satisfying to look at.

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30. They finish each other's puzzle.

Reddit | camicat42

These two friends have opposite birthmarks, both circles on their forearms. Much like the thigh marks from earlier, this has to be fate somehow, I refuse to believe these two weren't meant to meet each other.

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31. Heart of the cards.

Reddit | Heisen_berg

This person's daughter has what has to be the perfect birthmark, a little bright red heart on the left side of her chest. There's wearing your heart on your sleeve, then there's sporting your heart on your skin.

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32. Splitstream.

Reddit | Philchil23

This one is just striking, and this kid totally rocks it too. It makes him look like a superhero, and I hope he feels the same way about it.

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33. He can do some cruisin' too.

Reddit | dragyron

Another fish birthmark, but this time he's sporting a pencil-thin mustache, and either a smile or a goatee depending on your perspective. Either way he looks stylish. Is it wrong to be jealous of a fish having more facial hair than you?

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34. The girl who lived.

Reddit | morganatichondrius

This user says that when she was a kid she used to cover her birthmark to avoid teasing, but then the first Harry Potter movie came out and having a forehead birthmark was the coolest thing, so she didn't hide it after that.

And that, folks, is why representation matters.

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35. Kiss from a rose.

Reddit | peanutpaddie

This counts as a birthmark, right? It's pretty either way, just a rose sporting a heart, love on love on love.

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