'The Masked Singer' Donates Ten Thousand Surgical Masks To Hospitals In Need

Rae Batchelor 3 Apr 2020

There's a huge shortage of surgical masks in hospitals around the world as medical staff try to treat and fight the coronavirus. One TV show has just taken a major step to fix that problem.

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'The Masked Singer' is a lighthearted competition/mystery show.

Giphy | The Masked Singer

Every week, masked celebrities sing songs while the panel of judges tries to guess their real identities. The show is silly and fun, but that doesn't mean that they can't take this crisis seriously.

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The show just announced a huge move they made for medical workers on Twitter.

“Hi, this is Ken Jeong. Fox and The Masked Singer have purchased 10,000 FDA-approved N95 surgical masks,” comedian and judge of the show Ken Jeong said in a video shared to the show's Twitter page.

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“They arrived in New York yesterday, and will be delivered to hospitals in dire need of equipment."

“On behalf of everybody on The Masked Singer, we are sending all of our love, thoughts, and best wishes to all effected by the coronavirus, aka Covid-19. Stay safe and healthy, and – love you," Ken says.

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What an awesome gesture!

And a thematically appropriate one at that! You can watch the video announcement above.

Here's hoping even more television shows follow their lead.

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