Doctors And Nurses Are Turning To Ellen Pompeo To Urge People To Stay Home

Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is being urged by real life doctors and nurses to stress the importance of the COVID-19 pandemic to her fans and followers.

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The list of health care professionals who reached out to Ellen included New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office. Ellen, who plays Dr. Meredith Grey on the beloved medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" has been asked to post a video to her Insta account, begging her followers not to go outside unless it's essential.



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"The health care professionals, the doctors, the nurses, anyone who works in a hospital, they're at their wits end and now they're starting to die," Ellen said.

"We're not doing enough. Everybody, just please stay home."

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"And if you know someone who is not taking this seriously and who isn't staying home, please talk to them. We have to stay home. It’s all they're asking us to do. It’s not that hard."

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We couldn't agree more, Ellen!


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