14+ Things That Don’t Quite Add Up

Dan 4 Apr 2020

There are a few unassailable truths about our world. Two and two is four. Oil and water don't mix. These are the truths that help us maintain a grip on reality.

These pictures, on the other hand, might send you in the opposite direction.

1. Sign me up.

Reddit | crybabezzz

This fire department is offering one heck of a deal for anyone who's interested: dangerous work for free, but it comes with a neat little hat.

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2. Wu-Tang Flan ain't nuthin' to F with.

Reddit | Welcometomvrs

I didn't know that GZA and Raekwon were looking to expand their empire beyond the limits of Long Island, but it looks like they're getting into the flan game.

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3. Who wears shorts to a wedding?

Reddit | McMilto

Yeah, he wore shorts to a wedding. Whatever. What I'm really concerned about is how one of the other wedding guests has chosen to mark the big day.

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4. Weapon of meowss destruction.

Reddit | huh_wat_huh

Cats are incredible hunters as it is. But if you equip one with a tank, I fear for the local mouse and bird populations.

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5. Keeping track.

Reddit | arsclogger

I suppose this actually would work, assuming you don't plan on scrolling at all, and also assuming you're using someone else's phone.

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6. Monstrous.

Reddit | Wiildman8

There are two types of people in the world: decent, honest folks who eat their Hershey's bars the normal way, and those who just want to watch the world burn.

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7. How?

Reddit | Wiildman8

I get that cold weather makes things freeze. What I don't get is how someone got an egg to freeze in this way.

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8. Oil's oil, right?

Reddit | Stuxnet15

Lots of people take care of their own vehicles. It can't be that hard. Just pour miscellaneous oil over the engine block now and then to keep things running.

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9. Beanie boxers.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

There's nothing wrong with knit hats. There's also nothing wrong with colorful shorts or pants. Somehow, there's something deeply wrong with this photo.

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10. Freaky fast.

Reddit | _KingJulian_

I don't mean to disparage the hardworking delivery drivers out there. It's just that they're usually driving, like, a Ford Fiesta or something. This is a little out of the ordinary.

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11. Know when to fold 'em.

Reddit | Sarupis

It's rough when you're playing poker and just know that someone else has a killer hand while you've got nothing. Losing to a dog is just the cherry on the garbage sundae.

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12. Seems unnecessary.

Reddit | krisstijannn

This is a grave for Stonewall Jackson's arm. Yes, his arm. His troops accidentally shot it off, so they compensated by giving his arm a funeral.

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13. Doing the work of five people.

Reddit | Moby-King

This seems like some kind of brilliant redneck engineering until you realize that it could only work for straightaways, and maybe not even then. I doubt he can do corners.

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14. Breathalyze the ostrich.

Reddit | krisstijannn

I know that things were different back in the day, but I have so many questions here. Were ostrich-drawn carts a common thing? Had they not heard of horses yet?

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15. Ropey.

Reddit | perfectp1tchpr0bz

I thought that tree branches basically just pushed fences out of the way when they wanted to expand. In this case, the tree has played nice with the fence, using it to weave itself into a rope.

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16. Guest bathroom.

Reddit | Wiildman8

I used to think that any private space with a sink and toilet worked fine as a washroom. Then I saw this horrifying monstrosity.

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17. Water donut.

Reddit | Iris_album

That's a flat pan on a flat surface. Water has been poured in. How on earth is it leaving that one small area completely dry?

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18. No.

Reddit | AAA-batery

Look, chicken tendies demand dipping sauce. I'm on board with that. But that compartment is designed to hold pennies and miscellaneous garbage, not creamy ranch.

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19. Old school.

Reddit | Thomasneumann111

This high school student built a wooden backpack for himself. I don't know if this makes him the coolest or the lamest student in his grade.

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20. What?

Reddit | raccountusername

No big deal, just a dude sitting on a million unbroken eggs, looking at you like he's wondering what your problem is. Talk about walking on eggshells.

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21. Perfect.

Reddit | urawizarddeadpool

Lightbulbs burn out eventually, and seeing partially burnt-out signs is commonplace. But how do the lit up areas of these signs match up so perfectly with each other?

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22. They suspect nothing.

Reddit | seven_critical_blows

Here's another old timey photograph that I just don't get. These guys look a little too serious for a crew that includes a dude in a furry costume.

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23. Worst day ever.

Reddit | Zakk5

Why is that clown so ripped? Why is he so unhappy on such a thrilling ride? Is it even legal to smoke at theme parks, let alone on the rides themselves?

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24. Photoshop?

Reddit | BloodOrange93

This is pretty big for a bonsai tree. What really gets me are those flowers. They're real, but they look like they were patched into the game by a lazy developer.

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25. There has to be a better way.

Reddit | northead

Unless you've got a fancy phone case with a built-in kickstand, it can be awkward finding the right viewing angle. It should never be this awkward, though.

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26. It's their world now.

Reddit | Lauram2020

Goats, as far as I know, like to hang out in steep areas, eat greenery, and occasionally headbutt one another. Why they'd choose to overrun a town, or what the town could offer them, is beyond me.

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27. That shovel looks clean.

Reddit | Wiildman8

The mechanics here are totally sound. Potatoes plus oil plus heat equals french fries. The problem is the fact that they've been fried in a dirty old shovel.

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28. I guess so.

Reddit | notepad7

This is a somewhat disorganized toolbox, which might help explain why there's a hammer imposter inside. I mean, I'm sure it works as a hammer. It's just odd.

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29. Shadow people.

Reddit | PastaManSan

Either this guy casts a giant shadow on the horizon, or he and that landform behind him were destined to end up together.

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30. Stealth.

Reddit | rastroboy

This apartment building forbids satellite dishes, so one resident got creative. I guess it blends in a little bit, but it's still not exactly subtle.

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