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Ben & Jerry's Just Launched A New Flavor Loaded With Chocolate And Potato Chips

Ben & Jerry's is basically the G.O.A.T. when it comes to inventive ice cream flavors and accompanying punny names. If anything, their marketing alone wins me over, and then I'm pleasantly surprised when their flavors are actually incredible.

Take their Netflix & Chill'd flavor for example. When I took my first bite, I absolutely couldn't get enough of that salty pretzel ribbon, and before I knew it, it was gone.

Be warned: their newest flavor is probably going to have a similar effect.

Ben & Jerry's teamed up with the folks over at Netflix to create a treat of epic snack proportions.

Ben & Jerry's

It's called "Chip Happens," punnily named after the show Nailed It!, and it's filled with chocolate ice cream, fudge chips, and swirls of potato chips.

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If you've ever had chocolate-dipped potato chips before, you know this is an absolutely iconic ice cream flavor.

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Sweet, bitter, salty, and savory? It's got all the main flavors in there for the ultimate night of binging Netflix.

Find it in the freezer aisle soon!

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