11+ People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed To Do Laundry Unsupervised

I'm not a fan of doing laundry. It's just not my favorite pastime, especially since I actually need to use a public laundromat. Oh, the horror — I know.

But at least I know the basic rules that apply to doing the laundry like not mixing blacks with whites, or not overstuffing the machine. It seems, though, that some people may need a lesson or two because they're failing miserably at this simple task.

1. When The Machine Hates You

Reddit | chancew_98

Oh no! I would be so ticked if this happened to me. I don't know where to start with this clean-up. Ugh.

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2. This Mishap

If you ever put anything handmade in the washing machine, that's pretty much like playing with fire. It ain't gonna turn out alright.

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3. This Misadventure

Reddit | firefighter_82

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought you were supposed to take the dryer sheets out of the box before dropping them into the machine?

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4. Too Much Detergent?

Reddit | myvibeiztremendous

I'm not sure how this happens to people, really. I mean, just how much detergent does it take to create so much foam lol? I'm baffled.

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5. The OxyClean Revenge

Reddit | djames1236

Perhaps this person should rethink their laundry product position. It looks like the OxyClean couldn't stand all the shaking and ran for its life. Ha, ha!

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6. This Unfortunate Turn of Events

There's a reason people go to the laundromat to wash their pillows in a large washing machine. It's because they want to avoid this. LOL!

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7. This Terrible Mistake

Reddit | swarren31

"I’m a terrible girlfriend and accidentally washed my boyfriend’s pocket watch that he liked," this Reddit user said. That's quite unfortunate for him.

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8. This Toilet Paper Accident

Reddit | brbimjumping

This is what happens when rolls of toilet paper fall off the top of the fridge and into the washing machine without you noticing. Those clothes didn't stand a chance.

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9. This Incredible Shrinking Job

I never understand how this happens. I guess this is the result when you dry the crap out of your clothes. This sweater is now a crop top.

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10. This Lippy Is Not Happy

Oh crap! This girl actually put her lipstick through the wash and the dryer. I'm surprised there's anything left at all. Ha, ha, ha!

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11. This Bud's For You

Reddit | Mxmaree

This person couldn't find their headphones for a few days then found them when getting laundry out of the dryer. I wonder if they still work...

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12. Always Check Your Pockets For A Hidden Stash

OMG, what in the heck? How could they not know they had so much cash stuffed in their pockets? WTF.

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13. The Incredible Shrinking Sweater

I would be so annoyed if this happened to my favorite sweater. I guess now you can just give it to your niece or something.

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14. This Shredding Job


This person learned the hard way that the pillow they thought was washing machine- and dryer-safe just wasn't. I wouldn't want to clean this mess.

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15. Is This A Money Laundering Scheme?

Reddit | drawmesunshine

Ha, ha! If this happens to your money after accidentally washing it in the laundry it may be counterfeit. Well, that's one way to find out.

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16. Slip Knot

Reddit | virpat

Don't you wish there was a special trick you could use to easily untangle this laundry mess? I know, I wish there was one, too. Ugh.

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17. This Total Waste

Oh good going, my darling. Not only does somebody have to clean this mess, but now you're out of detergent. That's quite a puddle waiting for you.

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18. Seeing Pink

Remember when you threw that pink shirt in the laundry thinking it would be okay? Now everything, including your sheets, is pretty in pink.

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19. This Lip Balm Incident

Reddit | smellypeople

Okay, so the lip balm might be half gone because it got washed in the laundry, but my question is, how are the clothes?

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20. When Your Laundry Gets Hijacked

Reddit | Catson2

I dunno what this person did to their washing machine to tick it off but now their laundry is being held hostage.

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21. This Unusual Situation

I think somebody didn't realize that you only need one dryer sheet to do the job. This is a little bit like going overboard. Don't you think?

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22. This Stressful Situation

otvet.mail.ru | Silence

This person actually washed their anti-stress pillow only to discover it made this mess. Where's that anti-stress pillow when you need it the most? Yikes.

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23. I Guess This Is Why Sneakers Don't Go In The Dryer

Oh no! This sneaker looks like it has seen some better days. I have a feeling they won't be too comfortable to wear anymore.

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These photos clearly show that some people shouldn't do laundry without some sort of supervision.


Hey, I bet they're good at something — it just isn't doing the laundry, I'm afraid.

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