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Kentucky Orders Ankle Monitors For People Exposed To COVID-19 Who Break Quarantine

In an effort to keep communities safe, Kentucky judges have recently begun ordering residents exposed to the coronavirus who defy self-isolation regulations to wear GPS ankle monitors, CNN reported.

In Louisville, at least four people have been ordered to wear the devices after being exposed to the potentially deadly virus, but refusing to self-quarantine.

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A resident known only as D.L. is currently living with someone who has tested positive for the coronavirus.

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They're also living with another person who is a presumptive case. But despite being ordered to stay home last week, their family reported that D.L. "leaves the house often."

As a result, Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Angela Bisig ordered them to wear a a global positioning device for the next 14 days, and if they leave the house again, D.L. could face criminal charges.

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Three other people have been fitted with the tracking devices as a result of their refusal to self-isolate.

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Two of those individuals live in the same house together, one a positive COVID-19 patient and the other not. Both were ordered to stay quarantined last week but, like D.L., have continued to leave their home.

The third person was recently put under house arrest after going out shopping despite testing positive for the virus.

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The state of Kentucky certainly has not been spared the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.

On Friday, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced 90 new cases of COVID-19, as well as six deaths, bringing the state's total to 831 cases and 37 deaths.

He's also recently recommended schools stay closed through May 1, and expanded travel restrictions, as well as ordered the release of at least 186 prisoners convicted of less-serious crimes on commuted sentences.

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