12+ People Who Shouldn't Be Taking Chances

We're all faced with choices in life. They can be confusing, paralyzing, heart-stopping, or they can be mundane and inconsequential. No matter the weight of the decision, sometimes we get stuck on it, and have to push ourselves forward.

That's where these choices come in. Whether it be the choice to have a bit of fun, an alternative way to tackle chores, or just taking a random chance, these people had to take a leap of faith. Find out which ones paid off, and which didn't.

1. Maybe Wile E. Coyote was onto something.

Reddit | PR0CR45T184T0R

Now this person has to go through life knowing that Road Runner, a fictional bird, is smarter than they are.

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2. Speed. Efficiency.

Reddit | evrd5

Not only is it cheap and quick, but I'm impressed by how straight he's keeping that line.

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3. When sweatpants won't cut it.

Reddit | earthmoonsun

Well they They sure are shorts. That's about all I can give them, though.

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4. Staycation.

Reddit | Wildman8

I've never had a photo fill me with anxiety like this before. There are so many disasters waiting to happen here.

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5. We have to use charger heat somehow.

Reddit | NarwhalNelly

This is like an Easy-Bake Oven for adults, and I bet it makes your office smell amazing.

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6. In for a rude awakening.

Reddit | Qwathemall

Knowing this is doomed to fall is what saddens me the most. High risk, high temporary reward.

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7. I'm betting on bruised fruits.

Reddit | passeifodasekkk

I actually think this would be harder than actual pool, limes do not move around that easy.

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8. A new level of e-learning.

Reddit | arcslogger

Hey, a man's gotta study, and this will wipe off...right?

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9. A literal leap of faith.

Reddit | SnipyFox

So was the rental company all out of platforms and stages, or are these two just really fun?

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10. The world's most secure man.

Reddit | MSkyDragons

His pants are on. They are not coming down, and he wants the world to know.

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11. When cops skip shifts.

Reddit | Astathe

And to think, they almost fooled 'em! It looks like I'll be free to go 5 miles above the speed limit another day.

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12. Stunts don't always go as planned.

Reddit | Orange_Jacket

Now that certainly is a leap, but I can't tell what it was for. If the goal was to get the bike stuck concrete, then congrats to them!

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13. Cross-lawn coverage.

Reddit | Moby-King

I think getting this rig to the lawn and set up probably takes longer than moving the actual lawn does.

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14. A car wash and shower, all in one!

Reddit | WarhawkAlpha

Maybe next time he'll opt for an at-home carwash instead. Or not, maybe his seats look fantastic.

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15. Hose it down.

Reddit | cmtesb

Theoretically this could maybe work if you unplugged it and made sure it was completely dry before turning it back on, but that doesn't make it any easier to look at.

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16. Would you like sprinkles with your shrimp?

Reddit | Thighrannosaur

Alright, I'll take one for the team and try it just so everyone can know how bad it really is. You're all lucky I like shrimp.

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17. A mid-hike snack.

Reddit | crownthemariz

I'm so charmed by the fact that they didn't take the mushroom off the tree. Seeing as there's only one bite, I can't imagine it tasted too good.

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18. Just a normal oil change.

Reddit | Stuxnet15

Something tells me this isn't going to go the way she wants it to, but that's a lesson for her to learn.

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19. A batch of orange rolls, but one has nacho cheese on it.

Reddit | asparagustus_gloop

Roulette without the dying, though the taste might feel like dying.

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20. You can't always get what you want.

Reddit | Barc0descanner

On the plus side, it looks like that cake is still in one piece! It's salvageable!

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21. The true cost of college.

Reddit | devgal

Thank god she's getting out now, if her program was any longer who knows what they would have taken next.

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22. The user's coworker cut her hand up in an avocado slicing accident, so they put this sign up and they've been updating it since.

Reddit | emzieees

Avocado mishaps are a hard thing to quit, I'm proud of her for sticking with it this long.

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23. In the aaarms ooof an angel...

Reddit | fieldsofglory-MP

At least you have it on camera...? And at least there's a chance it bit your phone and not your face.

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24. I'm starting to understand packaging trademarks.

Reddit | love2go

Because this is near criminal. At least if you did put cortisone on your toothbrush, you wouldn't get too far in before noticing.

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25. The tale of this dumb fish.

Reddit | Lontology

Apparently this is her third time getting stuck in the dragon in one week alone. At least she also looks pretty mad about it, she's starting to learn her lesson.

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26. At this workplace, there's a box known as 'The Box of Shame'.

Reddit | Kingofthecongo

People are made to wear it when they tell a bad joke or ask a stupid question. If this is all the punishment I get for telling a bad joke, then so be it, I'll live in that box.

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27. Hanging on for dear life.

Reddit | mike_pants

You know those 'hang in there' posters with the cat on the branch? Can someone make one of those but with this picture?

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28. Who blons a dumb de now.

Reddit | myothercarisayoshi

This could not have happened on a worse article. The irony, it hurts.

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29. You get one chance.

Reddit | nad-sanagalap

This teacher has had enough, she's ready to clock anyone who tests her patience.

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30. Not sure if you needed that first step.

Reddit | Nwinter228

My favorite breakfast, a bagel with plastic wrap glaze.

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31. A dropped call.


Yeah, if you just totaled your baby on the ground, now might be the time to hang up.

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32. When asked what kind of pizza they wanted, someone said, "I don't care what kind, surprise me."

Reddit | toxinogen

The chef then took that as a challenge and made every pizza known to man all in one.

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33. For Scale

Reddit | monkeymama73

"Was feeling nostalgic and bought perfume from my teenage years. So excited I failed to read the entire listing. So banana for scale. I’m an idiot" -monkeymama73

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34. Sinking to new levels.

Reddit | tsaven

If you've been working long and hard enough that sitting in a hole on the floor is better than your desk...maybe go home.

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35. A marvel of engineering.

Reddit | TheRealWorldNigeria

Surely with four more skateboards, they'll go four times as fast!

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