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Magically Beat Boredom With A Cute Crochet Unicorn Ring Toss Game

There's no doubt many of us have been spending a whole lot more time at home these days. I mean, I say that like we've had a choice in the matter. But I'm not being salty about it. It's for the good of humanity to help slow the spread of COVID-19! Doesn't that name just sound like nails on a chalkboard at this point?

If you find you're at the point where even Animal Crossing is starting to feel less thrilling, we have a super cute DIY game that is sure to help occupy your time!

Ring toss may not seem like the most exciting game, but a unicorn-inspired version helps make it a game worth playing.

Etsy | CrochetRox

I mean, just look how adorable it is!

The unicorn's horn cleverly becomes the base for the colorful heart rings to loop onto.

Etsy | CrochetRox

And after you're done with the game, you can just throw all the hearts into the unicorn basket, which also doubles as a super cute decor piece to brighten any space.

For $2.50, you can make your own!

If you're a crocheting pro, then you can really get creative with your design.


Try this fun floral-inspired one for $3.

Unicorns may be mythical creatures, but there's no denying their colorful features and magical qualities bring some brightness and positivity to any situation.

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We could certainly all use a little unicorn magic right now.

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