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Baby Enlists Dog's Help To Pull Off The Greatest Fridge Heist Ever

Look, I'm not saying they're all Einsteins, but some babies are way smarter than we give them credit for. Like, for instance, this little tot who enlisted the help of his faithful canine sidekick to grab some sneaky snacks from the fridge.

And they would have gotten away with it too, if mom and dad weren't standing right behind them filming the entire heist.

Still, A+ for effort, right?

Robert Herbert posted the adorable video of his toddler son teaming up with the family's basset hound to raid the fridge.

Facebook | Robert Herbert

In the clip, 2-year-old Maverick can be seen using his best bud Leroy as a makeshift step-stool as he attempts to climb up and grab the refrigerator door handles.

Although he's mostly spouting off unintelligible baby language, it's safe to assume Maverick was telling little Leroy there to hold still and keep watch.

Eventually Maverick gets the door open, revealing all the yummy goodies hidden inside the fridge.

Facebook | Robert Herbert

Mom Carrie, who was watching and filming the hilarious heist, can be heard asking her son if that was all he had been using Leroy for.

Oh, silly mom. No. Not even close.

Now it's time for phase two of the plan.

Climbing atop his four-legged stool once again, Maverick stands in front of the open fridge and surveys the inside.

Facebook | Robert Herbert

"Oh!" he exclaims in wonder, obviously stunned by the array of treats that have been so helpfully arranged on shelves for him to pick from.

But before he can start grabbing for anything, his furry booster appears to have a change of heart about the whole thing.

Perhaps fearing the reprecussions of their heist, or simply becoming sick of his role as the stool, Leroy bails.

Facebook | Robert Herbert

Thankfully, Maverick appears to have just enough upper body strength to hold himself in the air in front of the fridge while little Leroy wanders off, likely in search of somewhere to lie down and rest after all that excitement.

You need to watch the full video for yourself because it's honestly the funniest thing I've seen in a *long time*.

Since it was uploaded to Facebook it's been viewed over 113 million times, and has more than 144,000 reactions from amused users.

Although Maverick wasn't able to sneak any snacks that day, I'm sure he'll be able to convince faithful Leroy to give it another shot. Try, try, try again, right?

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