12+ Times Peel-And-Stick Tiles Transformed A Room

Brittany Rae 6 May 2020

Peel-and-stick tiles are a renter's dream. They're also low-key necessary — no one wants to look at ugly, brown, early 2000s tiles for longer than they have to. Ew.

Peel-and-stick tiles are a cheap and easy way to cover up what you can't change. Let's get inspired and get you shopping for your own dream tiles, shall we?

1. This countertop? I stan.

Instagram | @simplymarquisha

And it's all peel and stick tile! The boring beige countertops absolutely had to go, so @simplymarquisha got to work creating a space she'd actually want to be in. It looks amazing!

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2. This brown tile HAD to go.


What on earth were the previous owners thinking? That brown countertop tile is so tragic. The new, marble-like tile is a major improvement. You can watch the whole process here.

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3. This is a total game-changing bathroom makeover.


On the left: truly an okay bathroom. Nothing special. Nothing to write home about. And pretty short on personality.

On the right: a frickin' masterpiece. The new art and the tiles made the sophistication factor skyrocket.

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4. These floors are a total chef's kiss now.


How great does this look? The speckled floor from before just wasn't doing it. Enter the stencil-like peel-and-stick tiles, which totally changed the energy of the space. Watch how it was done here.

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5. This tile floor has way more style.

YouTube | Jenna Rose

Heck yes! The floors look so much better. The pattern and subway-style floor tiles suit the look of this bathroom so much more. Adding in the black, white, and grey touches brought it all together!

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6. Laundry room floors don't have to be boring.

Instagram | @kimlumsden

I'm obsessed with this transformation! That brown, speckled tile had to go. In its place is a geometric dream! I love the boldness of the black against the white. It's so chic.

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7. Goodbye, ugly tile.

Click through these pictures to peep the "before" of this subway tile transformation. I think we can all agree adding in peel-and-stick tiles was the way to go.

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8. Check out this amazing in-progress video.

You can truly see how big a change tiles make in a room. This bathroom had some boring, beige walls, but it's in the middle of getting some gorgeous, hexagon marble tiles!

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9. Seriously, why don't kitchens have backsplashes?

Instagram | @mcniffbrian

Not adding one at all is such a weird choice. Luckily, @mcniffbrian had the vision to add some customization to this kitchen. It's a nice break from the regular subway tile ones, too!

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10. Add some marble to your kitchen.

Real marble floors are just so impractical, and they take a lot of maintenance. Peel and stick marble floors? Hi, easiest kitchen floors to clean ever. Such an upgrade.

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11. Honestly, why not do a whole wall?

Click through to see the incredible after of this kitchen transformation. The subway tile changed the entire vibe of the kitchen, and brought it into the modern age! Let's be real, it was pretty dated before.

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12. These new floors evoke Greece.

Instagram | @savannahmoran.realestate

Rather than going for something black and white, these floors have quite a bit of blue in them! Click through for the before, so that you can get an idea of just how big a transformation this is.

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13. This backsplash area was totally bare.

YouTube | Alexandra Gater

You can see YouTuber Alexandra Gater covering up some pretty beige paint with her peel and stick tiles. She created her own backsplash area with pink tiles, which are cute af.

(You can get her exact tiles here!)

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14. It works inside cabinets, too!

This is a use I never would have thought of, but it makes perfect sense. This is also a great way to take peel and stick tiles on a test run before you commit to a full wall!

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