10+ Tattoos With A Fascinating Story Behind Them

People get tattoos for all kinds of different reasons. Some get them to stand out of the crowd. Others get inked to commemorate a special event like getting married or having a child.

When there's a unique story behind a particular ink design, that makes it even more interesting. I'm happy to share some of these cool stories behind each and every one of these tattoos with you, and I hope you enjoy them.

1. This Scar Tattoo

Reddit | eiffulf

I have a scar on my leg that I always thought would be cool to include with a tattoo of some sort. I'm totally digging this.

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2. This Baby Tribute

Reddit | eireanne_b

This lady got a beautiful black and white tattoo to honor a baby she lost. I think that's such a thoughtful and lovely gesture.

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3. This Tattoo For Grandpa

Reddit | chloe0711

We all have people in our lives that we share a special bond with. This person opted to honor his grandfather with this colorful piece.

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4. This Back Piece

Reddit | vertebrakery

This tattoo is beautiful all on its own, but to find out it was done to celebrate overcoming a broken back is quite astonishing, too.

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5. This Anniversary Tat

Reddit | alto6974

Celebrating a 25-year anniversary is quite a feat for any couple. So, it's no wonder this person found a cute way to make the event last forever.

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6. This Mental Health Awareness Week Piece

Reddit | spaceangel151

When you have suffered from mental health issues and have come out the other end, it's definitely a great time to mark your accomplishments with a tattoo.

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7. This Cat Homage

Reddit | tamarks548

People treat their pets like members of their family, so when they pass, an homage tattoo is a great idea. This one is super fun.

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8. This Embroidery Tattoo

Reddit | Queen_Gooby

If you've got two passions in life and one of them is baking and the other one is sewing, this tattoo design will definitely suffice. This is a great way to show off your hobbies.

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9. This Professional Piece

Reddit | sar-tay

When you're a professional, you definitely take your job seriously. So it's no surprise this dental hygienist opted to celebrate her awesome career path with this tattoo.

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10. This Daily Reminder Tattoo

Reddit | mirandawillowe

When you've been in a horrible car accident and nearly lost your life, this quote from Game of Thrones might be a great reminder to be grateful for every day.

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11. This Self-Harm Cover-Up Piece

Reddit | JzaMaxwell

Many people go through struggles in their life and end up self-harming. This tattoo featuring some favorite characters is an awesome way to start healing.

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12. This Musical Tribute Tattoo


This person chose to honor their favorite band member of the indie rock band Frightened Rabbit with a lovely black and white ink piece.

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13. This 'Game of Thrones'-Inspired Tat

Reddit | Xhankx09

Sometimes life can be inspired by fiction. This lady got a dagger and rose tattoo for her daughter who she named Arya Rose. I bet those Game of Thrones fans get the connection here.

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14. This Doggy Tribute

Reddit | DaddyMayIPun

You know, I've always wanted to a design of the childhood dog that I absolutely loved tattooed on my body. I haven't found the right design or an artist yet, but hopefully, someday I will.

So beautiful.

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15. This Iron Stain Cover-Up

Reddit | prebuiltswing

What a difference a tattoo can make. This lady had a big iron stain, which is a type of bruising that can happen after an injury. Now she can have something gorgeous to look at.

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16. This Kid's Choice Tattoo

Reddit | SnakP4k

Now, this person went with an even more unusual tattoo choice. This lady's daughter asked if she can pick her mom's next tattoo, and surprisingly, to me at least, she obliged. Ha, ha! So cute.

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17. This Book Lover's Tattoo

Reddit | dropandgivemenerdy

If you're a fellow book-lover like this lady, you may appreciate that she incorporated pieces of her favorite books in one tattoo. She even designed this piece herself.

I've gotta admit, I'm pretty impressed.

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18. This Flowery Cover-Up

Reddit | suuuuga

Some people may be so ashamed of their scars that they never want to bring any attention to them. Then, there are others who are bold enough to cover them up with a tattoo that everyone will surely admire.

What a great addition to the healing process.

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19. This Movie Lover's Dream

Reddit | bennzito

If you have a favorite movie that you'd love to immortalize on your arm and it happens to be Ferris Bueller's Day Off , you'll totally know this scene. What a great tattoo to celebrate a favorite film.

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20. This Dad Tattoo

Reddit | erinpanzarella

If you're going to get your fourth tattoo, it may as well be something that's truly meaningful. This gorgeous and unique piece is to honor this lady's dad.

I absolutely love the detail on it. Amazing.

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21. This Mom Tattoo

Reddit | nicejester

With Mother's Day coming up, this might be a nice idea to surprise her with. This person opted for a minimalist approach and it looks lovely.

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22. This Mom Piece

Reddit | barks1212

This person chose a different route to get a tribute tattoo of their mom. They didn't pick a very realistic type of portrait; instead, they opted to have an artistic version done without a face.

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23. This Tattoo In Memory Of A Sister

Reddit | gusherfullofvinegar

"We got tattoos to honor my sister. She had funny moles on her hands," this Reddit user said. Now, it's like she'll always be a part of them.

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It's absolutely amazing to find out the story behind every one of these beautiful tattoos.


If they bring peace to those who received them, I'm sincerely happy for them.

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