Bakery Makes Cakes With Snarky Comments To Send To Internet Trolls

Now that we're all on the internet, there's bound to be some disagreements. People get into heated debates and sometimes things get ugly.

While some people do take the high road when it comes to online conversations there are those that end up being total trolls. And when that happens the best thing is to just send them this awesome troll cake. I think this idea is genius.

There's a company out there that is making cakes that are absolutely perfect to send to your online nemesis.

They call them 'troll cakes' and they're the best thing ever.

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If you've ever thought about getting back at one of your internet enemies you may want to look into this cake option.

I bet they'll never expect it. LOL!

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So how does this work?

This bakery will turn any nasty internet comment that you send to them into a delicious cake. They'll write the comment straight on the cake.

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OMG, are you serious?


That is freakin' hilarious. Isn't it? Imagine the look on the face of the recipient when they receive this cake? That would be priceless to see.

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All you have to do is send the comment with the address of the recipient.

They'll make the cake with the comment and deliver it to their home or work.

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What if you don't have the address of the recipient?

Well, this company calls itself part bakery part detective agency. They'll do their best to find the recipient for you.

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You can even get them to send a cake to the White House.

Come again? Yes, they'll print up one of your favorite Trump comments and send it away. Ha, ha!

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Honestly, I dunno if I would want to waste any money on sending a delicious cake to Trump but to each their own, I guess.

You do you, Boo. LOL!

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Are these cakes actually delicious?

Well, I'm glad you asked, and yes, they are. The cakes are a chocolate chip brownie with whipped frosting and assorted colorful sprinkles and icing.

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So I dunno, you better think hard before you decide to send something this yummy to one of your enemies.

Although this is definitely something they won't soon forget. Hee, hee.

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In my opinion, this option is much better than getting into a verbal argument online for everyone to see.

Just take it, offline guys, and stay civil. Am I right?

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If you don't have an actual troll you want to send this cake to, then just make it a joke and send it to someone to celebrate their special day.

Just make sure they have a good sense of humor about these types of things.

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If you don't have a mean comment in mind, no worries.

There are plenty of existing ones this company can recreate for you. So find one that you like best.

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So what do you think of this idea?


Is this the most hilarious thing you've ever heard of? Or do you think it's just a tad too mean?

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