11+ Pics That Are The Definition Of Failure

Not everybody can do everything perfectly all the time. Am I right? At least that's what I tell myself whenever I make a giant mistake. I mean, it happens to the best of us. That's another one of my favorite sayings. Ha, ha!

Sometimes those mistakes are really bad and other times they end up not being as bad as we thought. When it comes to these pics, you can be the judge.

1. This Mother's Day Surprise

Reddit | ChopperNYC

Oh, how sweet that this husband attempted to make pancakes that look like flowers. Unfortunately, his attempt resembles a molecule more than flowers. LOL!

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2. This House Infestation

Reddit | marthanon92

This is what happens when your neighbor's queen bee moves in and all her disciples follow. That would scare the crap out of me.

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3. This Cutting Accident

Reddit | Ossmo02

This person assumed that cutting a zip tie with this tool would be absolutely no problem. Unfortunately, they found out otherwise. That's pretty annoying.

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4. This Car Wash

Imgur | Twistedripper

I hope you have more sense than this guy whose ex asked him to wash her car. Talk about the ultimate revenge here. Oh my.

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5. This Nail Job

Reddit | el_hombre_basura

This guy tried to pry a nail out of the wood and instead he just pried the hammer head off the handle. I'd say he nailed it. Ha, ha!

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6. This Photogenic Ghost


This person accidentally shook the camera as they were taking a picture, and now it looks like their friend's soul is leaving her body. Spooky!

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7. This Train Accident

Reddit | Idlehands877

A train car carrying corn in Minnesota had a leak. Wow, I wouldn't want to be the one having to clean all of this. Yikes.

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8. This Hair Fiasco

OMG, I can't even believe this happened. Is this a joke or something? I bet this girl is wishing she could turn back time.

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9. This Grilling Misadventure

Reddit | alec7717

"Was grilling last night. I opened the grill and all my arm hairs lit on fire. It didn't hurt but man it smelled horrible," said this Reddit user. Wow.

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10. This Crappy Mother's Day


Imagine if the day before Mother’s Day you fell off a chair trying to get lemons and broke bones in both feet? OMG, no. This poor mom deserved better!

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11. This Pizza Delivery Surprise

Reddit | Austin624

This is why you should never let your baby play with your phone: because they can order $94 worth of pizza accidentally. Ha, ha, ha!

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12. This Mess

Reddit | cheap_potato

This person's co-worker was bringing some fire extinguishers back from a job site and one decided to go off in the back of his truck. Oh, yikes. I thought it was spilled paint. I dunno what's worse.

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13. This Apple

Reddit | StillEnjoyLegos

This is what can happen when you break your apple slicer. Wow, I can't say I've ever seen anything like this before. That's one dangerous apple. I guess this apple really didn't want to get eaten.

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14. This Truck Accident

Reddit | u/Dixo0118

OMG, what in the heck? This old truck got hit by another truck carrying old, rotten potato slurry to feed cows. The passenger window was down when the accident happened, so all that slurry made its way inside. Talk about bad luck.

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15. This Filing Nightmare

Reddit | almeldin

Can you imagine if you needed a file that was lost in this room? You might as well get yourself a gallon of coffee and some patience 'cause this is going to take a while. LOL!

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16. This Clever Pup

Facebook | Elkmont's Hound Dog Half

Here's a funny story. Apparently, this dog entered a marathon race unbeknownst to him and actually came in seventh place. That is the most hilarious thing I've heard all day. They even gave him a medal. I guess sometimes a fail can actually turn out to be a win.

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17. This Bad Dog

Reddit | Scary-Jello

Speaking of dogs, imagine you were a huge book worm and treasured your books like they were gold. Now imagine if you found one of your favorite books in a state like this? Why do dogs have to chew everything?

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18. When Your Luck Runs Out

Reddit | cheezepie

Get this: Someone was opening this bottle when the glass broke and all the debris fell back into the bottle. To top it off, now the bottle cap is mocking them, too. Ha, ha! That can't be a good sign.

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19. This Nasty Surprise

Reddit | articlesteel

So, you've been working your bum off in your retail job and looking forward to your break. Finally, you get to sit down to have lunch, except your McDonald's burger is missing the meat. How dare they!

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20. This Cat Situation

Imgur | ForeverMovement

This person innocently fed a stray cat thinking it would just take off, only now, the cat is back on their lawn waiting for more. This is pretty much how we became cat owners, too. Ha, ha! Sometimes a mistake turns into a brand new pet.

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21. These Stairs

Reddit | brainlegss

At first, I totally didn't notice what was wrong in this picture. Then it dawned on me. I wouldn't pay the contractor who did this. C'mon, the door is right there!

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22. This Washable Face Paint

Twitter | @LeleTill

This lady found out the hard way that this supposedly washable glitter face paint doesn't do what the bottle says. Holy crap. I wonder if her face is still pink...

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Well, you can either cry or laugh when accidents or mistakes happen.

Giphy | HULU

It's really all in the attitude that follows. I wish these people better luck next time.

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