Succulent Hair Is The New Trend That's Quickly Growing On Us

Brittany Rae 12 May 2020

So, let's get this out of the way: unlike succulent nails, succulent hair doesn't involve putting succulents in your hair!

Instead, it involves using the pinks, greens, blues, and purples in succulents to color hair. Let's take a look.

See? Succulent hair!

It's absolutely stunning, don't you think? A lot of work goes into succulent hair, since it uses such specific colors that obviously work best when carefully blended together. That purple, though! Heart eyes emoji.

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The colors get pretty bold.

Succulents come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so why shouldn't succulent hair? Bolder hues are a go-to for some people who want to hop on board the trend, but don't want to go platinum to make it happen.

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There is one rule, however:

You gotta have green in there! It wouldn't be plant-inspired hair without it, after all. For this particular dye job, target removal and reuse of previous colors was done to give the client's hair the best shot at staying healthy.

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It doesn't have to take over your whole head.

For instance, this style mostly focuses on the roots! The green blends down into a more natural purple, which blends with the regular brown color of the hair. It looks effortless, but we all know how much work this must have taken.

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Pastels are truly where it's at.

Honestly, my fave succulents are the more washed out ones. Pastel colors just hit differently, you know? I love how this look took advantage of the grey-platinum base of her hair

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You better believe it works on side shaves.

Look how bright and bold that green is! It's a true succulent green. Yes, that's a thing. I just made it a thing. Go with it.

Anyway, I stan that purple on the top!

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Lemme just highlight some more pastels really quickly.

Ugh, how great does that look? This is definitely a more subtle approach to the trend, but it looks amazing on them! I love the purple peeking through that green.

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This is the look I would go for.

Hi, ghost succulent! This is such a unique look. Like, there's no mistaking it for unicorn hair or mermaid hair — it's a totally different vibe, and a way different color palette.

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Let's add in a little orange.

We saw the purples and greens, so how about we move onto something more vibrant? The orange-red tips of the succulent are a perfect inspiration for fun hair. I love how the vibrant green fades into the platinum, too!

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Okay, this look might involve real succulents.

But they inspired the coloring! There's so many different shades of green and blue in this look, I'm kind of obsessed. The succulent clip is the icing on the cake.

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Now this is next level stuff.

Not only was the hair dyed with the palest of succulents in mind, three incredible stylists collaborated to create succulent braids in the front! I am obsessed with the artistry here.

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