9+ Thrift Store Clothing Upgrades That Look Like They Came Off The Runway

Brittany Rae 13 May 2020

The thrift store is the most underrated clothing store around. With a little money, some sewing skills, and a lot of creativity, you can create a wardrobe that would rival the world's most fabulous runways.

If you're looking for some inspiration for your next thrift flip, take a look at these amazing clothing transformations. Honestly, I can't believe these aren't considered haute couture!

1. This jacket got a major upgrade.

It's completely unrecognizable! Gone is the odd, thin lapel. Now the jacket is a stylish dress with a totally unique hemline that would not look out of place on an Instagram influencer.

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2. This used to be a nightgown.

No, really. This ethereal, Greek goddess-lookin' fit used to be a pretty boring nightgown. Or, as Instagram user @mchavez04 called it, a "grandma robe." Well, Grandma would be proud of how much that robe has changed, tbh. You know grandmas respect sewing skills.

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3. No one does it like Bambii does it.

Her creativity is out of this world, as evidenced by her Instagram. She has an eye for patterns and fabrics, for sure, but she also has a keen eye for what's on-trend — or is about to trend.

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4. This velvet moment was just begging to be cropped.

Click through to see the before, which was once a nightgown. That color is to die for! The crop and ruching are one thing, but adding that one shoulder detail took it over the top.

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5. This top is so frickin' cute.

Reddit | retroheartclubbb

Made entirely of thrifted fabric, Reddit user retroheartclubbb came up with the pattern by modelling it after an old American Apparel top. I love the addition of the bow!

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6. These jeans have so many hidden details.

On Instagram, @liberatedcotton calls these "Jessie Jeans." She made them after she was inspired by Jessie from Toy Story! They feature a lot of white stitching, and a surprise on the inside flap of the zipper — she embroidered "yeehaw" along the zip line. I LOVE IT.

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7. This whole outfit started out as sweatpants.

No, really. From the boot covers to the mask, everything was once a pair of Adidas sweatpants. Those iconic stripes kind of give it away, huh? This whole look is #goals.

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8. This dress went from tacky prom to red carpet chic.

YouTube | Liana Cee Hardy

Prom dresses are so hit or miss. This particular one was rocking a pretty tacky brooch, but YouTuber Liana Cee Hardy quickly took care of that. Now it's a gorgeous dress with some bomb slits!

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9. Geek to chic.

Hi, cute new dress! This whole look is so fire. The oversized suit may be fine for some, but it totally looks incredible when reworked into a suit dress. You could totally wear this to the office, tbh.

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10. This one is pretty timely.

Bambii is back at it again. Face masks are an unfortunate reality here in 2020, so why not use what you have to make your own? She made a whole video outlining how to flip your own clothes into face masks, including how to make an eye shield.

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11. Some dresses are just begging to be hemmed.

This dress was fine, if a little plain. The color was its selling point, let's be real. But wow, that after! The dress is now fun, flirty, and trendy. And that neckline? To die for.

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12. This suit was handmade from head to toe.

Instagram user @maria.mc.a noted that this thrift flip was incredibly difficult, due to the nature of the fabric: it had no stretch and no give. But she pulled it off, and it looks incredible!

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13. This is such a classic flip.

An oversized shirt will always make for a cute two-piece! I love the addition of a little headband on top. It's such a nice touch. This whole look is summer realness.

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14. From matronly to young and fresh.

Reddit | smoko3

Seriously, what on earth was that first dress? I'm so glad it was turned into something that is not only gorgeous, but also super fun. And that velvet? To die for.

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15. These overalls are EVERYTHING.

Reddit | hlernplern

These overalls are actually so cute. They're so on trend, too — overalls are very hot right now. I don't know why, but I'm not gonna question it.

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16. April is truly a queen of flipping.

I'm gonna show off some of her best flips, because her talent is astronomical. First up: this cute tropical number. Better tailoring and a more creative bust seriously modernized that set.

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17. Her wedding dress look had me shook.

She went to her Instagram followers with a question: what should she do to the dress she thrifted? They voted, and the result is a wedding dress literally fit for a queen.

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18. She also made a skirt out of a TREE SKIRT.

What the heck? How do you pull something like this off in such a spectacular way? This genuinely looks like the cutest Christmas skirt ever made. You could wear it to dinner!

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19. Um, so this jacket used to be curtains.

Reddit | SmurphieVonMonroe

This is the vintage fantasy thrift flippers everywhere would die to make. The zippers, the pattern, the sleeves! It's truly some next level upcycling. And the inner lining? Silk.

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20. This is a BIG flip.

Reddit | peace-leaf

It's completely unrecognizable, which is...totally the point, but still! This looks like it used to be a jacket, but now it's a sweet dress. And it's corduroy! I never thought I'd like corduroy, tbh.

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21. Hi, Cher Horowitz realness.

Reddit | milkteawithpearlspls

Heck. YES. The attention to detail on that top is absolutely insane. Look at all those perfect stitches! It's tailored perfectly. And no, those aren't loose threads — those are her tattoos!

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22. You will not believe what this started as.

Instagram | @yolandainthecity

The world's baggiest, most shapeless suit became a power boss serve with some careful tailoring and some creative use of excess fabric. We have no choice but to stan.

"Just posted a thrift flip for this pantsuit I thrifted from goodwill for $14 on my YT!" @yolandainthecity shared in the caption when she posted this transformation. Only $14? That is a real steal.

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