Rare Succulent That Looks Like A Mermaid's Tail Will Make A Splash In Your Collection

Brittany Rae 19 May 2020

Mermaid. Tail. Succulent.

Honestly, do I need to say more? We're both here and we both wanna see it. Let's check out this succulent and figure out how to buy it, shall we?

Meet the mermaid succulent.

Aka Senecio vitalis, not to be confused with the regular 'ol Senecio vitalis. The crest is what makes it look like a mermaid's tail! Otherwise, it's just a nice, spiky plant friend.

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The crest is a mutation.

It's called fasciation, and it causes the stem, root, or flower head to flatten and elongate outward. For our plant friend, that equates to forming a mermaid (or whale) tail!

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There's two ways to get one.


So, you can get seeds for these beautiful angels a number of places, including Mondo Cactus. If that's not an option for you, this site lists a number of places to buy them near you!

Those are for the regular ones though — no mutation guaranteed.

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Keep an eye on Etsy for a full plant.

Etsy users regularly sell some crested ones, so keep "Crested Senecio vitalis" in your Etsy search and check back regularly. Or buy your own seeds and take a gamble! Either way, you're getting a cute succulent.

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